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Webinar Future proof your SD-WAN

June 3 - 11:00 AM (US ET)
June 4 - 11:00 AM (CET)

Installing a new appliance is not enough to future proof your SD-WAN, you need a holistic approach tailored to the new realities of the cloud-centric WAN.

Join our webinar where we use a real case example of a Fortune 500 company to address the most critical challenges of your SD-WAN transformation:

  • How to combine SD-WAN and other technologies not only now, but for the next 5 years
  • How to redesign your underlay for better value and performance
  • How to secure a smooth transition that fits your cloud transformation, without lock-in
  • How to improve network operations to get more of your organization


Want to join? Choose between these two dates: 

  • June 3, at 11.00AM (US ET)
  • June 4, at 11.00AM (CET)


The webinar will last approximately 40 minutes, covering the current state of SD-WAN as well as solution design. With our #1-ranked Internet backbone, Telia Carrier has developed an SD-WAN solution to address key concerns that have previously held back SD-WAN adoption. 

Hosts of this seminar are Johan Ottosson, Telia Carrier’s Head of Strategy, and Joakim Palm, Global Product Manager for SD-WAN.

Missed our live webinar?

No worries, you can watch the recorded version here.

Johan Ottosson, Head of Strategy

Johan Ottosson’s career is founded on two things: Curiosity and exploration. And, not to mention, an MSc. degree in Industrial Engineering and Management from KTH, the Royal Institute of Technology. As an experienced strategist and manager, Johan led the development of growth strategies, M&A and long-term (...)
corporate strategic planning across various industries, before zeroing in on communications and technology. After ten years at a global consulting firm, Johan found Telia Carrier. Faced with task of extending its current leadership in wholesale while innovating further around global connectivity, Johan decided to take on the role as Vice President Strategy. Johan believes that a firm commitment to innovation is the key to staying competitive, especially in an industry undergoing such profound transformations as the ICT market. His experience has also taught him that innovation is not defined by organizational charts and that many of the best ideas come from those on the front line, working with customers or engineering the network. Beyond the office walls, music is an important part of Johan’s life. Niche and indie bands are his thing – that, and the sounds of his two small children.

Joakim Palm, Global Product Manager for SD-WAN

Joakim Palm joined Telia Carrier in 2018, to focus on the Enterprise services. His extensive knowledge of large enterprise customer behavior and requirements, such as customer flexibility and control, were essential in building the Enterprise offering. Joakim has worked as Product Manager in the enterprise telco space (...)
for more than six years and has been active in the telecom industry for the past ten years. Insights, transparency and self-service are not just words for Joakim, they are a motto to live by when developing and designing products. In addition to being a passionate Enterprise Product Manager, Joakim enjoys competing in e-sports tournaments which helps him keep up with the younger generations. If you’re an avid e-sporter you might have already met him as ‘Zenzombie117’, former:’ T1-meph’.

Why Arelion´s SD-WAN service?

SD-WAN accelerates operational processes, like deploying, modifying, or disconnecting network services. Our SD-WAN service is optimized for cloud-scale networking, for both the Overlay and the Underlay - enabling a stable and scalable solution.

7 recommendations for a successful SD-WAN strategy

The keys to a well-defined SD-Wan roll-out. In this white paper we explore: - The importance of the underlay network in an SD-WAN solution - Last mile considerations - DIY vs. fully-managed SD-WAN solutions - The evaluation of prospective suppliers - Commercial flexibility and increased automation