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Arelion launch webinar

The name Arelion is probably unfamiliar to many within the networking community, but its legacy isn’t. Formerly Telia Carrier, Arelion has kept the world connected for the past three decades and today it operates the world’s #1 Internet backbone.

Our recent rebrand was much more than putting on a new suit of clothes – something the company has done several times before. Of course, we do have a vibrant new visual identity, but the launch of Arelion heralds a new era and the start of an exciting and important journey - to connect a brighter future.

Following months of insight-gathering - from colleagues, customers, and partners alike, a new vision for one of the largest global backbone providers emerged. But what exactly has changed? And what elements will remain, as we continue to expand and solve the connectivity challenges of tomorrow.

Join Arelion’s CEO, Staffan Göjeryd, and VP of Strategy, Johan Ottosson, in conversation with Dr. Ray Mota, CEO and Principal Analyst at ACG Research. These industry experts will not only share their reflections from the past year but will also discuss the launch of the new brand and what this means for the future - not only for Arelion, but more importantly, the billions of people that rely on our infrastructure every day.


Staffan Göjeryd
Staffan Göjeryd
CEO, Arelion

With over 20 years in leadership positions at Telia Company, Staffan is one of the most experienced people within the carrier industry. He was appointed Arelion’s Chief Executive Officer in 2016 and has been a key part in making Arelion the world’s #1 global Internet backbone, serving its top-of-class connectivity solutions to the world’s biggest brands. His focus on customer excellence and delivering exceptional quality to Arelion’s customers are just two of the areas that have taken him on this literal journey from the trenches to high command.

Despite knowing all there is to know about connectivity, Staffan’s main interest is how connectivity makes a real difference for the customers’ business. Having seen the repeated cycles of Internet boom and bust, he knows it takes more than belief and adrenaline to build a successful business. This one-of-a-kind experience is what makes Staffan a unique leader in today’s everchanging tech landscape.

Johan Ottosson
Johan Ottosson
Head of Strategy, Arelion

Johan Ottosson’s career is founded on two things: Curiosity and exploration. And, not to mention, an MSc. degree in Industrial Engineering and Management from KTH, the Royal Institute of Technology. As an experienced strategist and manager, Johan led the development of growth strategies, M&A and long-term corporate strategic planning across various industries, before zeroing in on communications and technology. After ten years at a global consulting firm, Johan found Telia Carrier.

Faced with task of extending its current leadership in wholesale while innovating further around global connectivity, Johan decided to take on the role as Vice President Strategy. Johan believes that a firm commitment to innovation is the key to staying competitive, especially in an industry undergoing such profound transformations as the ICT market. His experience has also taught him that innovation is not defined by organizational charts and that many of the best ideas come from those on the front line, working with customers or engineering the network. Beyond the office walls, music is an important part of Johan’s life. Niche and indie bands are his thing – that, and the sounds of his two small children.

Dr. Ray Mota
Dr. Ray Mota
CEO and Principal Analyst, ACG Research

Dr. Ray Mota brings a talent for complex technical and critical thinking and provides strategic direction, sharp analysis, and expert advice on networking issues, specializing in design, implementation, and troubleshooting. Prior to founding ACG Research, Dr. Mota worked for Aberdeen Group, ManageAll, Micros-To-Mainframes, Advanced Technology Group, Eastman Kodak, and the IRS. As a CTO, he designed, implemented, and supported complex trading floor systems and large WAN Frame Relay and ATM networks.

He also provided training on Sniffer, HP Advisor protocol analysis tools, and MPLS architectures. Ray has also developed cloud applications and has a software patent attributed to him. Routinely called upon to speak as a guest lecturer throughout the country, Ray is recognized as an expert in topics relating to networks, managed services, cloud computing, operational efficiency, and business modelling. He has been the keynote speaker for the top cloud, channel, Wall Street, telecom event around the world. His insightful commentaries and analyses have been published in The Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, Bloomberg, Telecom Magazine, MSNBC, CNN Money, Forbes, Fortune, Businessweek, NY Times, SF Chronicle, and other industry publications.