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Careers at Arelion

Keeping the world connected is a huge and important task. It requires a good network but most of all, great people. Want to join our global, talented team? Learn more about Arelion and apply to our open positions here.

"I love the cultural synergy within the company – it is unique. When you join us, you will feel it’s warmth!"
Tanuja Rameaux, Head of Delivery Content
"I feel I belong, and I really like the people I work with. This combination empowers me!"
Sandrine Corbett, Human Resources Manager
"What I really like about Arelion is the support we get from the company when we promote different ways to do business."
Fabio Bottan, Account Manager

Bring your purpose to life – connect the world with us

Doing good

Like us, we hope that you get excited about the prospect of making the world a better, more interconnected place.

Being good

We want you to excel at what you do and to strive for quality and impact, just like us. 

Feeling good

Just like us, we believe that you flourish and grow when you feel empowered and supported.

Our core values


colleagues, customers and everyone around us through trust, friendship, and mutual respect.


others by showing our genuine passion for what we do, and for the world around us.


with our ability to focus, get things done and assume full accountability for the final result. 

Why work at Arelion?

Equal Opportunity Employer

We celebrate diversity and respect everyone’s uniqueness, regardless of gender, nationality, ethnicity, religion, age, sexual orientation, disability, or personality.



Diverse Workplace

We foster a richer and more inclusive environment that encourages a safe base, from which to explore, challenge and grow.



Health & Wellbeing

We strive for a healthier and happier workplace by providing support services such as our Employee Assistance Program.

Work-life balance approach

We empower our people to better balance their personal and professional lives, improving overall wellbeing and job satisfaction.



Hybrid Workspace

We offer a hybrid workplace approach, providing greater choice to our employees about where, when, and how they work.

We have a caring culture

Arelion offers something different, and it all starts with a unique culture – a culture that cares – as shown in the results from our latest Employee Engagement Survey.
Employee engagement
eNPS score


Benchmark 7.4


Employee engagement
Relationship with manager


Benchmark 3.9


Employee engagement
Relationship with colleagues


Benchmark 4.0


We deliver with quality – meet our team

Curious to know what it is like to work at Arelion? Meet some of our excellent people. Click their images to read about their everyday lives at Arelion.

We connect the world

In 1993, our Internet backbone, #AS1299, was born. Three decades on, we’re still connecting a brighter future – day by day, minute by minute, bit by bit.

About Arelion

Arelion is owned by Polhem Infra, a Swedish investment company backed by some of the largest Swedish public pension funds. We started building our network in 1993, when our Autonomous System, AS1299, was allocated, and we’ve grown organically ever since. Our network now stretches 75,000 kms across Europe, North America and Asia and lets you connect directly to more than 2,500 wholesale customers in more than 125 countries. With more than 450 local access partners around the world, we are the backbone of your business, wherever you are.

Our offices

Our business is global but we have local presence, knowledge and expertise in 18 offices worldwide. If you’d like to meet up in person, have a look where you can find us.

Social responsibility

At Arelion, we celebrate diversity and respect everyone’s uniqueness - regardless of gender, nationality, ethnicity, religion, age, sexual orientation, disability, or personality. We are committed to offering a diverse and inclusive workplace where every employee can be themselves, and one which provides equal access to career opportunities and personal development.

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