IP Transit

As the world's #1 ranked global Internet backbone and a renowned Tier-1 ISP, Arelion guarantees a direct route between content providers and end-users. AS1299, our global Autonomous System, is a network built for reliability and uptime. With our extensive IP customer base, accounting for over half of all Internet routes, and a robust Tier-1 network peering ecosystem, we ensure that your traffic reaches its destination efficiently and securely.

World’s best-connected
Zero congestion
BGP expertise

Access to the shortest Internet service paths

We own and operate our global fiber backbone – stretching 75,000km across Europe, North America, and Asia, ensuring fast, uninterrupted paths between more than 350 PoPs (Points of Presence) throughout 120 cities worldwide. We interconnect eyeball networks to content networks with minimal hops, by providing access to an extensive number of direct connections and the full global routing table.

Avoid network congestion using Arelion's IP Transit

We built our backbone on our own fiber network, with almost unlimited capacity - avoiding congestion and allowing for future growth. We have almost three decades of experience from providing the world’s biggest content distributors, ISPs, service, and hyperscalers with high-bandwidth, mission-critical IP transit capacity.

Carrier-grade IP Transit

Our BGP knowledge and expertise, together with formidable backbone capacity reserves, ensures cost-effective connectivity in the volatile and unpredictable Internet traffic environment. Our SLA offer adds carrier-grade service quality to the flexibility of Internet connectivity.

Using our global IP backbone, we offer three route options:

  • Global Connect
  • Euro Connect
  • Content Connect

All connectivity options are available in the IPv4 and IPv6 domains.

Arelion - The leading IP Transit provider

Arelion is not only one of the best-established IP Transit providers on the market, but also one of the biggest influencers and innovators in this area. Under the umbrella term “high solution quality” we include everything from a high level of security and resiliency, to exceptional customer support with an unparalleled score fault resolution of 80%.

Tier-1 ISP

Since a Tier-1 ISP has a direct connection to all other Tier-1 ISPs, it can reach any destination on the Internet without going through another provider. Tier-1 level of connectivity and direct access to the Internet backbone infrastructure ensure reliable and uninterrupted best-in-class Internet services for end-users.

Google's Gold-tier VPP

We are a Gold-Tier Google VPP

IP Transit Use Cases

Support Operating models with scale

IP Transit provides economies of scale for organizations with content delivery at the core of their business model – with operations dependent on the availability of bandwidth, direct connections, and a high-performance network.

Emerging high-tech industries

Organizations with their own Autonomous System use IP Transit services to improve their end-user services with low latency, speed, and high-performance across global markets. We see a new wave of demand from emerging industries like EdTech, Cyber Security, and Remote Workplace platforms.

Want to learn more about What IP Transit is? Read our guide.

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Toll-free numbers

Toll-free numbers

As a young ISP and Fiber Network provider, we have the pleasure to work with Arelion. (...) We were easily guided through their processes to set up our first 10 G internet transit connection in Frankfurt. The quality of their IP traffic ensured us to rely on them to serve our customer the very best network experience. Working with the employees of Arelion is very easy and we appreciate the trusting cooperation.

Markus Schlosser Managing Director,
Mainzer Breitband GmbH

Apelby, a global provider of ICT and telecommunications services, has been utilizing Arelion's IT services for their IP transit and EVPL needs. (...) Arelion's expertise in providing these services has been crucial in helping Apelby to maintain a reliable and efficient network infrastructure. Arelion's technical support team has been exceptionally helpful in resolving any issues that have arisen, and their fast response time has ensured minimal downtime for Apelby's business operations. Apelby is extremely satisfied with the quality of Arelion's services and the reliability of their network infrastructure. With Arelion's assistance, Apelby has been able to focus on their core business while having peace of mind knowing that their IT needs are taken care of by a trusted partner. Arelion's commitment to providing high-quality IT services has resulted in a strong and successful partnership with Apelby.

Jan Doricak, IT&Cyber Security Manager

With millions of end-users, for whom the word ‘interruption’ simply doesn’t exist, established network solutions don’t always cut it. That’s why we created our own (...) delivery platform and needed a network partner with not only a solid backbone, but also the right mindset and understanding to support our rapid and often unpredictable growth trajectory.

Andre Reitenbach,
CEO, G-Core Labs
Technical highlights
Carrier-grade SLA, including: installation, availability, round-trip delay, packet loss
Secure customer portal
Three route options: Global Connect (global routes), Euro Connect (European customers and peers) and Content Connect (global customer routes)
IPv4 and IPv6 domains - dual stack
Secure Internet routing – minimized routing threats from BGP Hijacks and Route Leaks
Security highlights

As an “open network,” the Internet requires a continuous and collaborative effort between all stakeholders to sustain the resilient, reliable, and secure infrastructure necessary to power the global economy.

At Arelion, we implement  best practices and enhanced security measures for routing and exchanging traffic with other public networks.  

Contact our us to learn more about our most recent efforts to enable emerging Internet security techniques such as Resource Public Key Infrastructure (RPKI), our collaboration with the Internet Society (ISOC), and the wider BGP community for route security and filtering.

Secure by design features
NOC situated in a well secured and connected building with multiple power sources
Physical and logical security from design to deployment
A network-wide Acceptable Use Policy (AUP)
Customer Service authentication procedures
Clear customer data handling policies

IP Transit – find out more

We have been keeping #1 position as the world’s best connected network since 2017 with IP Transit as a flagship. Read more in our blogs, listen to Arelion podcasts and download our What is guides. Watch the video to discover why Arelion has earned its prestigious position!

IP Network Performance

World-class connectivity starts with a competitive network SLA. Here you can find monthly IP network performance metrics for our global Internet backbone, AS1299.

BGP and Routing

BGP (Border Gateway Protocol) routing is the central nervous system of the Internet. Stable and efficient IP routing between different Autonomous Systems (AS) is essential for the security of the entire Internet ecosystem. Our BGP communities and the added security of RPKI enable manageable and reliable traffic flows.

Looking Glass

Whether you're just curious or need some tools to check your connectivity, our looking glass puts you at the heart of our network.

Did you know our IP backbone is ranked #1 worldwide?

  • World's #1 IP backbone
  • Awarded customer service
  • 350+ PoPs in 35 countries 


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Toll-free numbers

Toll-free numbers

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