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Google's Gold-tier VPP

As a gold-tier Verified Peering Provider (VPP), Arelion is in the top rank for enterprise connectivity to Google's publically available services. We manage direct peering with Google over dedicated private connectivity, meeting redundancy requirements for each enrolled provider. With over 30 years of experience in the field, Arelion stands for reliability, security, and professionalism.

Simplify your connectivity with Google’s Gold-tier VPP

Forget the complexities of peering and choose a trusted provider! We are connectivity experts, providing enterprises with highly available access to Google services. This means that when Google customers connect to a VPP to reach Google, they are choosing a provider with verified diverse connectivity to Google, ensuring secure and reliable connectivity.

Why Arelion?

  • 70% of Internet routes are directly served by Arelion’s global backbone, AS1299
  • 95% of end-users in the US and EU are within one hop of AS1299
  • 8/9 of the world’s most valued brands are served by Arelion network
  • 5 top cloud providers directly connected: AWS, Google, Azure, Oracle and IBM
  • 350+ PoPs globally
  • 75,000 km of our own optical fiber assets

Why peer via Arelion’s IP Transit or DIA?

Google trusts us, why shouldn’t you? Here's why:

1. Enterprise-specific connectivity solutions
A seamless connection to Google via Internet services designed for enterprises
Dedicated access to Google services with or without the necessity for BGP or an Autonomous System Number (ASN)
Collaborate directly with ISP customer support teams and address operational concerns effectively
2. Dedicated private Google connectivity
Access Google services through dedicated private fiber connections
Utilize the same high-quality Google fiber infrastructure used to support all Google services
3. Access the complete Google service suite
Gain entry to a range of Google services (Workspace, Cloud APIs, Cloud VPN, Google Public IPs, Network Tiers, and beyond)
Utilize any Google service accessible via the Internet provided by a Verified Peering Provider
4. Simplified connectivity
4. Simplified connectivity
No requirement to fulfill Google's peering prerequisites
Entrusted peering agreement to a Verified Peering Provider
Reduced deployment and management time by avoiding the technical intricacies of a direct peering arrangement
IP Transit or Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) are obtained from a Verified Peering Provider and allow the VPP to manage peering with Google
5. High availability assurance
Google badge certifies redundant connectivity to Google
Gold-tier indicates metro redundancy (silver badge indicates only PoP redundancy). View redundant connectivity details at peering.google.com
As a gold-tier Google VPP, Arelion can support Google Cloud customers through its award-winning customer service team
Facts and figures related to Google connectivity
Arelion offers more than 50 connections in 41 major cities, ensuring seamless connectivity access where our customers need it most
Handling in excess of 5Tb/s of traffic daily with Google, we ensure rapid and reliable data transmission
With over 10TB of total capacity, our customers enjoy dedicated bandwidth without the hassle of sharing with others
Our network is fortified with failover and redundancy measures, guaranteeing uninterrupted service reliability

Did you know our IP backbone is ranked #1 worldwide?

  • World's #1 IP backbone
  • Awarded customer service
  • 350+ PoPs in 35 countries 


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