Arelion awarded a gold-tier Google Verified Peering Provider badge

Google VPP badge recognizes Arelion’s ability to enable simplified connectivity to Google Cloud Services

Stockholm, April 24, 2024 – Arelion today announced it has been awarded a gold-tier Google Verified Peering Provider (VPP) badge in recognition of its ability to provide diverse connectivity to Google and enable highly available access to Google Cloud services. The VPP is a Google recognized badging program for Internet Service Providers (ISPs) whose primary goal is to offer Google Cloud customers a simplified alternative to direct peering. This program reinforces Arelion’s ability to provide enterprises with reliable connectivity to cloud services through its #1 ranked Internet backbone network, built with a dedication to resiliency, redundancy and fault resistance.

As a Google VPP, Arelion empowers enterprises with peering to Google Cloud services via Dedicated Internet Access, enabling customers to access Google with or without the need for border gateway protocol (BGP) or an autonomous system number (ASN). This low-latency public connectivity supports enterprises’ business operations by enabling diverse access to publicly-facing Internet applications hosted on Google Cloud, with the VPP program leaving the complexities of peering arrangements and the management of technically challenging peering connectivity to Arelion.

“Google's VPP badge verifies Arelion’s ability to connect enterprises to cloud services securely and reliably via the low-latency connectivity available through our global network footprint,” said David Young, Product Manager of IP and Security at Arelion. “We look forward to collaborating closely with Google and leveraging our network’s high standard of quality to provide enterprises with the Google Cloud applications they require for digital innovation and business continuity.”

Arelion already connects its Internet customers to Google with over 50 connections in 41 major cities, ensuring a wide global reach to serve enterprises’ global cloud connectivity requirements. Arelion also provides customers with over 10 terabits of capacity, enabling ample bandwidth for each customer to minimize the risk of network congestion when connecting to Google Cloud services. As a gold-tier Google VPP, Arelion can support Google Cloud customers through its award-winning customer service team.

“The Verified Peering Program provides Google customers with a simple way to find ISPs that have been verified to offer high-quality Google connectivity,” said Keith McCallion, Vice President, Google Global Network Infrastructure. “We are proud to have Arelion as a part of this program, and we look forward to working with them to deliver enterprise-grade connectivity to our customers.”

Google's gold-tier VPP badge verifies the redundancy of Arelion’s #1 ranked global Internet backbone, AS1299, and the reliability of its high-speed IP Transit, Direct Internet Access (DIA) and Cloud Connect services for service providers, content providers and enterprises.


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