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Can your network deliver today and scale for tomorrow? Our Wavelength services, built using DWDM technology, could be the solution you need. Dedicated, high-capacity transport designed to carry high volumes of traffic across long-haul stretches.

High-capacity 400GE
Versatile & Monitoring 24/7

Wavelengths services for high data volumes

When your network is under more pressure to carry high volumes of data across long-distances, DWDM is the perfect technology for the job. Multiple wavelengths of light (or colors) are used to transmit data over the same optical fiber to efficiently utilize your infrastructure. 

Dedicated point-to-point connections

Our Wavelength services support diverse, bandwidth-intensive applications like video, voice, and storage across your global sites - with access to more capacity when needed. The simplicity of wavelengths makes your network more versatile and efficient when deploying point-to-point connections between remote sites and data centers. The straightforward design of wavelength networks enhances connectivity, making point-to-point connections between remote sites and data centers more versatile and efficient during deployment.

400GE Wavelengths

We were the first to offer 100GE wavelengths on both sides of the Atlantic, and as of October 2022, we have deployed 400GE in 95% of our European network and 80% of our US network.
According to the latest Frost & Sullivan report, 400GE has been very well received by the market - especially when it comes to total cost of ownership (TCO).

Customers can choose single links or a redundant ring network topology to build their own network for connecting key sites.

Service coverage

From fast-growing startups to established fortune 500 businesses – you can entrust our wavelength services as the backbone of your business. Our extensive network connectivity offers you access to wavelength services across international borders.

Wavelengths service options for various levels of resiliency and redundancy:

  • Single link - unprotected as standard
  • Protected link - dual fiber route between same locations, protection switching
  • Dual-link - diverse fiber routes and end locations, customer does own switching

Wavelenghts service options

Wavelengths Use Cases

Simple description of a couple of common Waves' use cases.

Data center interconnection

Data centers use high-quality DWDM optical solutions for transport between data centers supporting multiple large bandwidth services.

Hyperscale connectivity

Big data organizations use DWDM for efficient, large-scale deployments to transport data between key sites.

Long-haul networking

DWDM continues to be the technology of choice for wholesale service providers building long-haul optical networks to serve their markets.

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Toll-free numbers
Technical highlights

1 GE

10 GE

100 GE

400 GE


STM 16/ OC 48

STM 64/ OC 192



OTU 2e



Security highlights

When you need the highest level of security for critical data, our highest level of availability, the dual-link service option provides two fully diverse routes between the same end points.

Secure by design features
NOC situated in a well secured and connected building with multiple power sources
Physical and logical security from design to deployment
Network-wide Acceptable Use Policy (AUP)
Customer Service authentication procedures
Clear customer data handling policies

Why Arelion Wavelengths?

  • Arelion was the first to sell Wavelengths in 1998
  • Arelion was the first provider of 100GE in NA and EU
  • 400GE coverage on more than 95% of European and 80% of our US long-haul networks 
  • Arelion’s solutions are scalable, flexible and future-proof – we provide the building blocks for companies who need to increase their data traffic capacity and improve global network connectivity  
  • Our high first line resolution rate (80%) is made possible by our team of highly qualified engineers 
  • Arelion has extensive experience from selling Wavelengths and is a leading global player in the market 
  • Arelion has grown organically, without any acquisitions and provides a homogeneous and consistent network experience to our customers 

Why Wavelengths – find out more

We offer a high level of security, perfectly suitable for Enterprises that require increased protection, such as financial and media sectors. Below you can download our Ethernet vs Wavelengths flyer, read our What is DWDM guide and more.

Wavelengths frequently asked questions

10 quick questions for our Arelion Wavelengths Product Manager

What are the available bandwidth options?

Arelion offers the following range of Wavelength bandwidth options: 1G, 10G, 100G and 400G.

Is it possible to get your network kmz files for detailed routing?

Yes, we can provide kmz files on a case-by-case basis. Please, contact your Arelion account manager who will handle your request under NDA.

Which kinds of interfaces are supported?

We support Ethernet (which is most popular) or Layer 1 framing (SONET/SDH or OTN).

Are your Wavelength services fully transparent?

Yes, our services are protocol-agnostic and based on the most transparent transport technology.

Do you offer service protection?

We recommend multiple diverse Wavelength services for our customers so that they can build their own protection with load sharing and load balancing, enabling them to maximize bandwidth availability in normal conditions. Protected services are also available - you can find more details about these in our Arelion Wavelengths product sheet.

What is included in your Service Level Agreement (SLA)?

The Arelion Wavelength SLA includes, amongst other things, monthly availability of 99,4% for single links and 99,99% for dual or protected links.

Do you offer full solution monitoring?

Yes. The Arelion DWDM network and core backbone services are monitored 24/7/365.

What network equipment do you use?

In our DWDM network we only deploy hardware from Infinera, Ciena or ADVA.

Which customer segments typically buy Wavelength services, and what applications is the service used for?

Our Wavelength customers are typically content providers and operators who build their own IP backbone networks, request remote peering or access to the cloud, and also enterprises with a need for highly transparent, dedicated bandwidth (including media, gaming, finance, manufacturing and research).

What are the alternatives to the Arelion Wavelengths service?

For lower bandwidth (up to 10G), Arelion can offer highly reliable and transparent Ethernet services that run over our protected MPLS backbone.


Ethernet services provide more flexible bandwidth options, with increments from 10Mbps to 40Gbps and a much wider network footprint. The services also come with a compelling SLA - 99,99% monthly availability on-net, 99,5% off-net and maximum 0,1% frame loss ratio. For higher bandwidth in some areas there is the option of Dark Fiber.

Did you know our IP backbone is ranked #1 worldwide?

  • World's #1 IP backbone
  • Award-winning customer service
  • 350+ PoPs in 35 countries 
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Toll-free numbers

Toll-free numbers

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