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What is A2P Messaging?

A2P Definition

Application-to-Person (A2P) messaging is one-direction messaging from an application to a person where no reply is expected. The utilization of A2P covers a broad spectrum, including notifications, PIN codes, 2FA (2-Factor Authentication) reminders and critical alerts to name a few. Otherwise known as business SMS, it is commonly used in the Enterprise segment for customer communication. The interaction between the sender and receiver is direct, easy to use and cost-effective and consequently very popular in almost all business verticals, in particular finance, retail, travel and healthcare. 

What is Arelion’s Messaging Hub?

Arelion’s Messaging Hub provides a secure, cost-effective and simple connection to high quality termination with direct access for global players such as SMS providers, aggregators and Enterprises. 

This single connection avoids the need for multiple routes and/or providers, while the traffic sent via direct access to Telia’s operators removes the risk of illegal termination. 

With our one-stop-shop approach for Arelion operators and via Telia Company’s affiliate network, we are able to reach over 20 million Telia subscribers on the highest quality direct routes for a seamless customer experience. 

The Messaging Hub offers high-level protection against spam and advanced fraud, enhancing reliability and security for our customers. In addition, we provide 24/7/365 global customer support and assurance through which our expert staff handle customer requests directly.  

A2P chart

Infographic of what is A2P messaging

International messaging services

International messaging services have become increasingly important in today's globalized world, enabling people and businesses to communicate across borders quickly and easily.

Messaging hub is a critical component, serving as central point of contact for messages exchanged between different networks and platforms. These hubs facilitate interoperability between messaging services, enabling users to send messages across different platforms and networks seamlessly.

A2P messaging is another key aspect of international messaging services, allowing businesses to send automated messages to customers, such as transactional alerts, promotional messages, and customer service notifications.

Monetization services

Monetization is a crucial aspect of international messaging services, as it enables providers to generate revenue from their offerings. This can be achieved through various methods, such as charging users for sending messages, offering premium features for a fee, or incorporating advertising into the messaging experience.

Two-way communication

Two-way communication is also essential in international messaging services, allowing users to send and receive messages in real-time. This feature is particularly useful for businesses that need to engage with customers and respond to their queries promptly.

Fraud detection

Fraud detection helps to prevent fraudulent activity such as phishing, spamming, and other malicious activities. Providers use various techniques such as content filtering, blacklisting, and whitelisting to prevent fraud and protect their users.

Finally, MNO direct connectivity is critical for international messaging services, as it enables messages to be sent and received directly through mobile networks. This direct connectivity ensures that messages are delivered quickly and reliably, without the need for intermediaries.

Why Arelion Messaging Hub?

  • One-stop-shop - the Arelion Messaging Hub is the primary aggregation point for international messaging termination to all Telia Company affiliate networks 
  • We are a known and trusted official partner worldwide 
  • We offer a high-quality termination with direct access for global users 
  • We offer a high-quality MNP to ensure active delivery to the right MNO 
  • Arelion’s extensive experience as a leading player in the global market 
  • The Hub uses Arelion’s international SS7 capabilities and reach to enable a broader service offering. The Arelion SS7 network is acknowledged for its performance and reliability and is fully based on Arelion’s world-leading global fiber network.  
Technical highlights
High-speed messaging
Supports SMPP 3.3, 3.4 and 5.0, SS7, SSL and HTTP
Support to multiple charsets

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