Cloud Connect

Connect to the cloud with the world's number one ranked IP backbone. Arelion's Cloud Connect solution ensures a secure, dedicated, and scalable connection directly to AWS, Google, Azure, Oracle, and IBM.

Scalability & Security

Controlled cloud connectivity

To get controlled cloud connectivity use our global backbone and bring the cloud right into your network - with a private and dedicated connection that bypasses the public internet. Gain more control of your bandwidth, with higher security, reliability, and lower latency.


Flexible pricing options 

We offer flexible pricing options to accommodate your changing bandwidth needs. You have the freedom to modify contract terms at short notice and you configure your connection using our online portal with simple purchasing options.

Reach multiple clouds at scale

Use a single port to connect with one or multiple cloud providers and scale your cloud usage by increasing or reducing your bandwidth, on demand.

Cloud Connect on-ramp

Cloud Connect is your gateway to an ecosystem that connects you to the major cloud providers. Our partnerships with the leading cloud providers ensure extensive global reach to AWS, Google, Microsoft Azure, Oracle and IBM.

Cloud Connect Use Cases

Boost innovation with cloud

Cloud Connect provides the ideal environment to experiment and test cutting-edge technologies available in the cloud. Organizations can significantly improve their innovation pipeline with a reliable connection.

Migration to cloud native infrastructure

Cloud Connect is ideal for organizations looking for a secure and reliable migration environment, while they transition towards a cloud-native infrastructure. 

Simplify multiple cloud connectivity

Cloud Connect provides organizations with a simplified, flexible, and secure connection to multiple cloud providers, enabling better opportunities to scale and control cloud usage in a multi-cloud environment.

Arelion was able to guide Ankama through the AWS Direct Connect set-up process and co-ordinate the delivery of dedicated connectivity using Arelion’s network - an effortless experience.

Julien Drouard
Technical highlights
1GE, 10GE and 100GE ports available to connect you to Arelion. For the connections with Cloud Service Providers, we can offer all bandwidths supported by the CSP which range between 50Mbps and 10Gbps
Use the same port for additional Arelion products
Multiple redundancy options
Geographically diverse
Order through My Arelion, our customer portal
Security highlights

With network infrastructure extended into the cloud, your security perimeter becomes more complex. Cloud Connect adds a secure layer between your network and the cloud provider, eliminating exposure to the public internet.

Secure by design features
NOC situated in a well secured and connected building with multiple power sources
Physical and logical security from design to deployment
A network-wide User Acceptance Policy
Customer Service authentication procedures
Clear customer data handling policies
Secure web portal (TLS version 1.2)

Cloud Connect by Arelion

Arelion is a leading global provider of high-quality network and cloud connectivity services, including Cloud Connect. Our Cloud Connect solution provides organizations with a private, dedicated connection between their on-premises IT infrastructure and cloud computing services.

We have direct, fully resilient, physical interconnects in place with major Cloud Service Providers such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), IBM Cloud and Oracle Cloud – throughout Europe, The Americas, and Asia, ensuring quick implementation of private Cloud Connectivity. We can connect our customers to multiple clouds at Layer 2 using protected Ethernet connectivity from single or multiple locations, enabling multi-cloud access.

Additionally, through our extensive backbone network, we are present in 50% of all on-ramp locations across Europe and The Americas, where we can provide direct connectivity using optical Wavelengths or Ethernet to CSP on-ramp locations where our customers connect via dedicated cloud ports.

Arelion's Cloud Connect service offers many benefits to organizations, including increased security, reliability, and performance across our high bandwidth, low latency backbone. It also provides organizations with greater flexibility and scalability, enabling them to easily scale their IT infrastructure. Our MSOP (Multiple Services on One Port) option helps our customers minimize their infrastructure investments by providing multiple services such as Cloud Connect, Ethernet EVPL or IPT on a single Arelion port. Additionally, we offer flexible pricing to meet our customers’ changing bandwidth needs - giving them full freedom to adjust the contract terms at short notice and configure their connections using our online MyArelion self-serve portal.

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Cloud Connect frequently asked questions

7 quick questions for Peter Landen, Cloud Connect Product Manager at Arelion

What are the different cloud connections that Arelion can provide?

Arelion can offer cloud connectivity in two ways. The first is where Arelion takes care of the connection to a Cloud Service Provider (CSP), as well as the connection to customer site(s). We coordinate these service components and make sure that the customer site gets connected to the appropriate CSP region. This is our comprehensive, end-to-end service called Arelion Cloud Connect.
The second option is when customers manage their Cloud connections directly with their CSP, and Arelion provides the necessary connectivity services, such as a direct Internet connection and transport services.


The different connection alternatives for Cloud Connect solution can be tailored to how you want to connect your network to the cloud. You can choose between Layer 2, using our Ethernet services, or Layer 3, using our IP VPN services. If, for example, you have a specific site you want to connect, you should probably choose the L2 option, where we connect customer sites using a point-to point Ethernet service with the appropriate CSP region. You can also connect to several CSPs from your main Ethernet connection, and you then manage BGP routing end-to end.


If you need to connect from a VPN, you can choose our L3 option, which is based on our Smart IP VPN service. We then connect your VPN to the CSP. In this case, we are responsible for the BGP sessions, including primary and secondary configurations. Arelion supports the services in your CSP partner programs, for example Azure ExpressRoute or AWS Hosted Connection, with the option of Transit Gateway, which is growing in popularity (bandwidths range from 50Mb/s up to 10G, depending on the CSP service).


Figure 1


Figure 2


If you buy Cloud ports directly from your CSP, Arelion can support you with network transport services. For example, if you plan to use Microsoft Office 365, we can support you with our Dedicated Internet Access service (DIA). If, on the other hand, you plan to use AWS Dedicated Direct Connect, you can connect your site with AWS using our Ethernet services, across our wide footprint of PoPs (Points-of-Presence).

Which SLA and diversity options are available with Cloud Connect?

When moving to the Cloud, enterprises and operators are dependent on secure and reliable connectivity services for business-critical applications. Arelion offers several levels of diversity and various SLAs, based on your needs. The first level is basically a single connection from the customer to an Arelion PoP and a single connection from an Arelion PoP to the chosen CSP.
Since this is based on single ports, we would recommend the next level if you require a greater degree of redundancy towards your CSP. This option provides you with two redundant CSP connections (some CSPs have redundancy included in their service by default).


The highest level includes fully redundant connections towards both the customer site and CSP, including two redundant connections to the Arelion PoP. All options are built on our global backbone, where we provide logical redundancy as well. Each service level is backed up with an SLA for the availability of the customer and cloud connections. Additionally, there is also an SLA for network performance because the traffic is carried in our managed MPLS network.




Why is Arelion’s Cloud Connect service so attractive?

Our Cloud Connect service is all about effortless connectivity and being able to provide an exceptional network experience for our customers, which means we need to be where you are and also where your CSPs are – in other words, where the CSPs have their main peering locations and regional support. Arelion can offer a combination of global network coverage across our own network, where we connect customer premises either using L2 or L3 services, and an extensive range of interconnects with CSPs at key peering locations. Arelion’s global network of 350+ PoPs allows customers to connect their sites to our MPLS network and from there to their chosen CSPs via high-capacity on-ramps at key CSP peering locations. Our global backbone is constantly expanding, and we are continuously adding new locations, new PoPs and routes.


Additionally, thanks to our partnerships with AWS, Azure, Google, Oracle and IBM, and direct connections at multiple peering locations where we support their different regional offerings, we can provide our customers with reliable, effective and secure Cloud Connect solutions.



What security concerns do we need to be aware of?

Beyond dependable network performance, one of the main reasons customers choose to transport their data traffic to their CSPs in a managed network is to minimize the risk of security breaches. By employing a managed MPLS network, data traffic bypasses the public Internet, thereby minimizing the exposure to threats like DDoS. As such, a Cloud Connect solution is a compelling option for companies with high demands on security, for example those operating within the finance, healthcare, government, and manufacturing sectors.

Geographically, where can I access Arelion’s Cloud Connect services?

Arelion can connect your site to any of the PoPs within our global network. We then connect you to your CSP’s local region using our network of high bandwidth interconnects in Europe, North America and in Asia. The main CSP interconnection points are highlighted on the map. With our global coverage and presence, as well as direct connection to all top cloud service providers, we are well positioned to meet your cloud connection needs.

What is driving the demand for Cloud Connect services today?

Enterprises today are increasingly moving away from traditional on-premises equipment to cloud provider-based platforms and services. There is a strong trend towards cloud-based, off-premises IT platforms. New sites and expansion of the IT environment can be done without complex and expensive construction and implementation projects, since there is no hardware ownership involved. Turn-key solutions for operating systems and various web-tools/development platforms are also a compelling opportunity for many companies.


One of the most important benefits is also elasticity where computing resources can be quickly added or removed on-demand, either automatically or using planned schedules. On top of that, this can all be done without complicated hardware ownership and design considerations.

Why Arelion Cloud Connect?

Arelion is an industry pioneer and ranked as the world’s leading Internet backbone provider - offering exceptional global connectivity in combination with an excellent customer experience.


By combining a managed MPLS network with extensive global coverage (including connectivity to customer sites) and a multiple in-region CSP interconnections, we provide unparalleled connectivity to the Cloud.


We also strive to mirror the Cloud Service Providers’ services as much as possible, for example by offering bandwidth from 50 Mb/s to 10G with increments that reflect the CSP packages.
For AWS, our service is based on Hosted Connection, which supports, amongst other things, Transit Gateways.


The main benefits can be summarized as follows

  • Carrier-grade connections

  • Traffic does not traverse the public Internet

  • Latency optimized

  • Secure and reliable connectivity built on a high availability network

  • An award-winning customer experience

Find out Why and When Cloud Connect

Learn more about customer needs, read about What Cloud Connect is, different Cloud Connect options and methods, Arelion's geographical presence in the world, direct connections to the top CSP, and watch this video to discover why Arelion Cloud Connect stands out as a unique cloud solution!

Did you know our IP backbone is ranked #1 worldwide?

  • World's #1 IP backbone
  • Awarded customer service
  • 350+ PoPs in 35 countries 


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