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Cloud solution for the financial services industry

Multi-cloud adoption leverages the unique value proposition of different cloud providers. To do this successfully, though, complex connectivity solutions towards the various cloud providers should be avoided. Only then can best possible infrastructure for developers and DevOps teams be realized.


The financial sector was one of the last segments to adopt cloud services – largely because of the high levels of security required across all service layers. However, cloud infrastructure today has become a strategic priority for the industry. 

As a trusted connectivity partner, with one of the largest and the most reliable global backbones, Arelion delivers high-bandwidth, low-latency, and secure connectivity solutions worldwide. The proactive and open relationship with our customer encouraged them to discuss their infrastructure challenges and seek Arelion’s expertise in finding the best network solutions.

New challenges

Our customer’s business goals require continuous application development within an expanding global multi-cloud IT environment - to drive the continuous large-scale experimentation and management of business-critical applications required by the financial sector. 

Increasingly, the customer’s developers and DevOps teams need consistent and agile connectivity to their cloud providers. 

However, the transition to a multi-cloud network environment presented some complex infrastructure and operational challenges. The Customer needed to find a solution that gave them more control, flexibility and scalability – so that they could manage their expanding multi-cloud network, with simplified access to multiple compute and storage solutions across different cloud providers.  

Based on that, Arelion was asked to simplify their connection to the customer’s cloud providers, without compromising requirements for low-latency, high bandwidth connectivity, with robust security. The end-goal was for the customer to confidently steer more application development, automation, and computation into a multi-cloud environment.


Addressing these challenges, Arelion recommended Cloud Connect - a cloud on-ramp service using Arelion’s protected global MPLS backbone. By re-architecting private connections to each of the cloud providers, the solution met all necessary connectivity requirements.

The first phase saw Arelion helping the customer to provision a connection from one of their data centers to AWS, with Arelion guiding the set-up of an AWS Direct Connect connection. 
The process was repeated for the other major cloud providers across the customer’s multi-cloud footprint.  

Since the connections are built on Arelion’s wholly owned global backbone, the customer could confidently scale their bandwidth usage with built-in redundancy and high availability.

The Results

Arelion’s solution has given the customer full confidence to do a lot more in the cloud, allowing their engineering and DevOps teams to focus more on innovation, rather than infrastructure -and move faster at scale.  
The customer can now embrace greater automation of service delivery, data transfer and innovate with technologies like AI, machine-learning, blockchain and data analytics.

Customer Experience

The product onboarding process focused on getting the Customer acquainted with the Arelion Cloud Connect service as quickly as possible. Arelion provided the Customer with unlimited support and guidance from senior solution architects, facilitating seamless integration with the Cloud Connect service.

For future orders, the customer has the option to use Arelion’s award-winning self-serve customer portal - MyArelion to design additional Cloud Connect solutions. 

With a few simple steps, the customer can add or remove locations, scale bandwidth up or down, and connect directly with more cloud providers.

“....flawless execution by Arelion…” – Large US financial customer’s Senior Network Engineer