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Our platform for stories, insights and expert opinion about connectivity and how it powers digital transformation.

Connectivity breeds innovation

We live in the age of disruption, the relentless march of technological and social change - fueled by limitless connectivity and a world of opportunity. From our unique position as the world’s #1 Internet backbone and with more than 25 years of experience from building, owning and operating one of the world’s largest data networks, we have some inspirational stories to tell, and intriguing insights to share.

Arelion customer stories

Arelion customer stories by C-Gore Labs, Ankama, Global Bank and Pulp and Paper Manufacturing.

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The world of networking has never been more exciting. Today, the Internet and network services play a critical role in our lives - individuals and businesses alike. 

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Our thoughts and deeds. From industry trends to geeky networks stuff. 

Connecting your business

Our network, our services – indeed, everything we do, is defined by the needs of our customers. Because we truly understand that connectivity is business-critical. As the #1 global Internet backbone, we provide connectivity and network services for a wide range of industries, including many of the world’s largest content providers, operators and enterprises.