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BGP and Routing

The internet's central nervous system.

BGP (Border Gateway Protocol) routing is the central nervous system of the Internet. Stable and efficient IP routing between different Autonomous Systems is essential for the security of the entire Internet ecosystem. Our BGP communities and the added security of RPKI faciliate manageable and reliable traffic flows. Read more about what is BGP here.

BGP Communities

Arelion's position as the World's #1 Internet backbone carries with it the responsibility of securing a stable routing environment, not only for the networks that directly connect with AS1299 but the Internet as a whole. Our BGP communities can be used by customers and peers alike, to manage upstream connections and optimize traffic towards different network destinations.


RPKI is a mechanism by which Internet address (IP) resource owners can ensure that they provide an authoritative list of allowable upstream networks to the world. Network Operators who adopt RPKI validation and filtering can then choose to ignore (reject) announcements from Networks not authorized to advertise those resources. This reduces the risks of accidental route leaks or even hijacks.

Arelion joined MANRS (https://www.manrs.org/) in 2018 and having implemented RPKI on all peering links, is now rolling this out on all customer connections.

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