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Connecting a Sustainable Future

Energy Consumption, Circularity and Change in the World’s #1 Internet Backbone

Every industry is talking about becoming more sustainable, and the telecoms industry is no exception. But more important than ambitions, is how they translate to real-life change and improved processes to support a more sustainable future.

At Arelion, we work hard to run a more sustainable network so we can continue keeping the world connected. The reason is simple – without it, there won’t be a sustainable future.

In this webinar, Arelion’s Chief Evangelist Mattias Fridström sits down with Malin Clarstedt, Arelion’s newly appointed Sustainability Manager, to discuss:

  • Reflections after her first 6 months at Arelion
  • How far the telecoms industry has come in the quest for sustainable connectivity
  • What steps must be taken to enable truly sustainable networks
  • Long- and short-term ambitions for Arelion


Mattias Fridström
Mattias Fridström
Vice President and Chief Evangelist, Arelion

With over 20 years in the telecommunications industry, Mattias Fridström can be considered a veteran – but his enthusiasm hasn’t faded.

Mattias combines expert knowledge with anecdotes from behind the scenes and deep insight into the networked economy: What are the challenges of tomorrow for network providers? How can we meet ever-increasing traffic demand and customer quality expectations within the same cost frame?

Mattias holds an MSc in Electrical Engineering from the University of Wollongong, Australia. Since joining Telia in 1996, he has worked in a number of senior roles within Telia Carrier (now Arelion) and most recently as CTO. Since July 2016 he is Arelion's Chief Evangelist.

Malin Clarstedt
Malin Clarstedt
Group Quality and Sustainability Manager, Arelion

Malin joined Arelion in August 2022 as Group Quality and Sustainability Manager after many years in similar roles within the Facility Management and Data Center industries. The decision to join Arelion was largely due to the potential to drive tangible sustainability initiatives from the ground up, in an organization with a proven track record of innovation – something Malin is passionate about. When she isn’t working she enjoys spending time with her kids and boyfriend, great food, travel, books, and, like any 40-year-old, she loves running.