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Meet our people

Curious to know what it is like to work at Arelion? Meet some of our excellent people.

Meet Tanuja Rameaux

“Feel empowered every day”

I work as Head of Delivery-Content at Arelion in Paris. My career journey at Arelion has been enriching, challenging and fun! I have been able to enhance my project management skills by participating in a number of interesting projects.

The best thing about my job is to experience a customer’s delight after his or her service has been delivered. I would describe the work environment at Arelion as caring, serious but playful. I am trusted to engage in decision making processes and feel empowered every day to do my job right.

One of the best things with Arelion is that we are culturally rich. I admire that we are widely spread geographically but still tightly connected humanly. Communication is fluid. If I would describe the work environment with one word it would be 'Synergetic'.

I would like to continue growing alongside Arelion in our rapidly evolving world. I have chosen my Ally, have you?

Meet Georgios Tologlou

“I find my role so rewarding”

I joined Arelion in 2014 as a DWDM Network Design & Planning Engineer in Denmark. Today, I´m a Senior Network Specialist within Network Technology & Customer Operations. It is an exciting role in which I work to define the processes and technology for expanding our network. Additionally, I get to explore the telecoms market as a whole and see how technology shifts can be applied to our network. My background as an engineer means that when we are thinking about how to make complex changes in the network, I can take the practical steps necessary to deliver them.


Probably the most surprising, but fantastic part of my role, is how my team serves as a global resource for our engineers. I quickly discovered that we were being contacted by teams in many different countries who were looking for local support and asking us to share our experience and advice – something which makes what I do very rewarding.

One of the things I love about working at Arelion is how close the company feels, even though we are spread out across the globe. We are also a very flat organization, and I can speak with colleagues at all levels freely without worrying about company politics. I believe this makes it so much easier to get things done, to share feedback, and for bringing great ideas to life.

Meet Michelle San Juan-Quinn

“I like project diversity”

I started working at Arelion in 2012. I feel my biggest development, professionally, has to be in working on a global scale. Prior to joining Arelion, much of my focus had been service delivery within a particular region in the US, mostly in the Washington DC area where I am based. It was incredibly eye opening to shift focus from regional to global deliveries that can be all the way from New York to Singapore.

It has been quite the learning experience to work with customers (and colleagues) from different countries and cultures; I very much enjoy the chance to do so.

I feel I do well in the project management field as I am a detail-orientated individual. What I enjoy about being a Delivery Project Manager is that no two projects are exactly alike. There is always something different which means there is always opportunity to learn something new.


In addition to being detail orientated, I also like to see myself a flexible person. I have found this has become quite critical in maintaining a work-life balance as I’ve recently become a first time parent. Even though I like to have a general plan or at least an idea of how my day will flow, I’ve quickly learned that being a parent and having a young child can quickly throw any plan out the window at any given moment. The ability to be flexible to accept these changes can help me stay comfortable and better manage.

Recently, I was able to help with an after-hours customer maintenance remotely from home which allowed me to spend time with my family while conducting business. The success of the customer maintenance would have not been possible without the support of my family and coworkers.

Meet Andrey Chu

“Being there for our customers is at the heart of my role.”

Joining Arelion in 2014 was a new adventure for me. I had worked in the Asian telecom industry for many years but wasn’t familiar with the company until I saw an account manager vacancy. The opportunity to take on regional responsibility together with a global perspective was too good to miss. This was an entirely new experience for me - the company, culture, and people, but I decided to give it a chance. If you never try something, you might miss a great opportunity and today, eight years later, I know I made the right decision.

In my role as Account Manager, I´m the bridge between the customer and the company. Being there for our customers is at the heart of my role. I need to understand how Arelion´s strengths align with specific customer needs to be able to recommend the best solution. Being the bridge builds credibility and trust, which is key for long-term relationships. I love the versatility of my role - I get to connect with customers from many different countries and cultures, all the way from Hong Kong, China and South Korea to Taiwan and Mongolia. 

I would describe Arelion as a global company with talented people who deliver high quality in everything they do. Working alongside so many experts inspire me to do my best and allows me to grow – personally and professionally. Arelion is also very supportive of family life and as a mum of two, I feel very lucky to be part of a company that genuinely respects my work-life balance. 

Meet Anders Olausson

“Leading such an experienced team is both humbling and exciting.”

I started my journey with the company back in 1998, all thanks to a recommendation from a friend. Over the years, I have held various roles across different departments, from Delivery to the Network Operations Center team.

A major milestone in my career at Arelion came in 2016 when I had the opportunity to relocate from Sweden to the US. What was intended as a three-month contract evolved into a permanent position, and seven years later, I'm still here.


In my current role as Head of the Operator Delivery Team, I oversee a global team across the US and Europe. Taking on this role was a big change for me as it is my first time as a people manager, which is quite different from my previous roles, all of which were very technical. Leading such an experienced team is both humbling and exciting. We are all about learning and growing together, and the team spirit is just amazing.

I also value the international nature of our work. Our company culture is built on mutual support, extending from our team to the broader organization. It is a place that values inclusivity and diversity, a sentiment that resonates deeply with me as a member of the LGBTQ+ community. Our commitment to creating an inclusive environment makes Arelion an exceptional place to build a career.

Meet Marta Rutkowska

“The best thing about my role is being a problem solver.”

I first encountered Arelion as a Salesforce Partner whilst working in the support team responsible for developing the Salesforce environment. This close collaboration allowed me to get to know both the company's culture and the amazing people behind it. It became clear to me that I didn't just want to provide support any longer; I wanted to be part of the Arelion team. In October 2022, my dream came true.

As a Senior Salesforce Developer, my primary focus is improving the platform to best serve our employees. I generally troubleshoot problems and improve workflows in the system, but the best thing about my role is being a problem solver. There's nothing more fulfilling than finding solutions to challenging issues and fixing them. It´s like being a detective, and every day is different.


I also enjoy the collaborative nature of our team. Salesforce is an extensive and complex ecosystem, and getting to grips with it can be overwhelming at times. However, our team complements each other perfectly allowing us to build on our collective knowledge and expertise.

This supportive environment doesn’t just stop with our immediate team. I would describe our company culture as very inclusive and diverse, where different perspectives and opinions are given the chance to flourish. As a naturally curious individual, I love working with colleagues from different corners of the world – giving me new insights and helping me to expand my horizons.

Meet Xavier Lombard

“What keeps my role exciting is that every day is different.”

My journey at Arelion began in 2007 as an Infrastructure Planner. As the company expanded, my role evolved, incorporating new sites and technologies, and I evolved with it. 

Fast forward to 2020, when I got the opportunity to move into my current role as Head of Infrastructure. One of the most rewarding aspects of this role is the team I have the privilege of leading. They are exceptionally skilled and dedicated to their work. Spanning across 10 countries, our team oversees the infrastructure of more than 35 countries and 1500 sites!


We mainly support IP and DWDM while ensuring the right capacity for new installations, optimizing site usage, and handling the full spectrum of infrastructure elements across all our sites. I see us as the base of our network. Every piece of equipment requires space and power, and in the end, we provide support for all services across the network.

What keeps my role exciting is that every day is different. We collaborate not only across various company departments but also with customers and partners, while constantly addressing external factors like energy consumption, sustainability, and ever-changing technology. Each day presents new challenges and opportunities for growth.
This mindset aligns perfectly with Alerion’s culture. We embrace change, prioritize quality, and create an environment where everyone's contributions and suggestions are valued.

Meet Tobias Bergström

“At Arelion, we not only welcome new ideas but empower you to act on them.”

I come from a financial trading background, and in 2011, I made an unexpected career shift into the telecom sector. Today, I trade minutes for international calls and support our messaging business. 

As a destination manager, I have commercial responsibility for my geographical market. This means I must continually monitor the performance of the countries I'm responsible for and choose providers based on price and quality. I set customer prices and ensure the quality of our routes to the networks in these countries. In essence, my role involves daily supplier selection, pricing, and quality assurance. It's somewhat like being a traffic controller but from a commercial standpoint!


What I find most compelling about my role is the opportunity to operate in a global market with major operators as both customers and suppliers, where we hold a significant position. And of course, the fact that my role revolves around trading, an area I am passionate about.

I would describe Arelion as a solution-oriented and innovative business with a strong commercial focus. Here, we not only welcome new ideas but empower you to act on them.