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Enterprise connectivity at the speed of light

Now more than ever, modern organizations benefit from having a connectivity solution that can carry high volumes of traffic at an ever-increasing speed.

One such solution is optical Wavelengths. It is a service on the rise for enterprises that need dedicated, high-capacity transport of high traffic volumes across long distances, and offers a wide range of benefits. These benefits may be better suited than the Ethernet/MPLS solution which traditionally has been the go-to choice for enterprises.

This webinar will give you a better understanding of which solution may be best suited for your organization, and will, among others, cover the below topics:

  • What distinguishes wavelengths from other solutions such as Ethernet/MPLS?
  • When is wavelengths the best option for an organization, and when is it not?
  • Is wavelengths a secure connectivity solution, and how can it be optimized to carry sensitive data across long distances?


Watch this webinar recording to learn all about Wavelenghts and the value it can bring to modern enterprises. The webinar is led by Arelion’s Chief Evangelist, who will do a deep dive into the specifics of Wavelenghts with Johan Godal, product manager.


Mattias Fridström
Mattias Fridström
Vice President and Chief Evangelist, Arelion

With over 20 years in the telecommunications industry, Mattias Fridström can be considered a veteran – but his enthusiasm hasn’t faded.

Mattias combines expert knowledge with anecdotes from behind the scenes and deep insight into the networked economy: What are the challenges of tomorrow for network providers? How can we meet ever-increasing traffic demand and customer quality expectations within the same cost frame?

Mattias holds an MSc in Electrical Engineering from the University of Wollongong, Australia. Since joining Telia in 1996, he has worked in a number of senior roles within Telia Carrier (now Arelion) and most recently as CTO. Since July 2016 he is Arelion's Chief Evangelist.

Johan Godal
Johan Godal
Product Manager for Wavelengths and Fiber, Arelion

Johan Godal is the Product Manager for Wavelengths and Fiber at Arelion and has been with the company since 2011. Having been in the telecoms industry for over 17 years, he has held both Sales and Product Management positions at companies such as Interoute, Telenor and Smartcall. He strives to bring together both a technical and commercial perspective, with a solid service wrap and unique routing, as it is what really sets one provider apart from another. All of this combined is what ultimately creates maximum value for customers in Johan’s opinion. Johan lives in Norway and enjoys an outdoor lifestyle during all seasons of the year.