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Better safe than sorry: Security at the core of the network

In an increasingly uncertain world with cyber-attacks becoming more sophisticated and destructive, network security has become a non-negotiable. No organization can afford to skip out on top-class protection of their data and Internet traffic.

With Arelion’s #1 Internet backbone serving over 65% of global Internet routes directly, security lies at the heart of what we do and is paramount to keeping the world connected.

Join this deep-dive into our network security practices to understand how we mitigate, monitor and prevent large-scale attacks. We will also share insights into current safety developments in the industry, including the latest data on DDoS attacks and other threats, directly from our network – and what that means to the millions of end-users depending on our Internet routes every day.


Mattias Fridström
Mattias Fridström
Vice President and Chief Evangelist, Arelion

With over 20 years in the telecommunications industry, Mattias Fridström can be considered a veteran – but his enthusiasm hasn’t faded.

Mattias combines expert knowledge with anecdotes from behind the scenes and deep insight into the networked economy: What are the challenges of tomorrow for network providers? How can we meet ever-increasing traffic demand and customer quality expectations within the same cost frame?

Mattias holds an MSc in Electrical Engineering from the University of Wollongong, Australia. Since joining Telia in 1996, he has worked in a number of senior roles within Telia Carrier (now Arelion) and most recently as CTO. Since July 2016 he is Arelion's Chief Evangelist.

David Young
David Young
Product Manager for IP and DDOS, Arelion

David Young is the Product Manager for IP and DDOS at Arelion since Feb 2022. He has spent a career of 15 years in Telecoms, with a emphasis on Sales Enablement and Product Management across the industry. Previous companies include Interoute, Gulf Bridge International, and PCCW Global. With a firm belief that automation and a focus on quality are the future of telecommunications and IP, he finds the industry and its people as engaging and dynamic as when he first started on the service desk. When not at work, David enjoys fencing, to keep both mind and body sharp (pun intentional).