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Can’t get your message across?

Cut through the noise and securely reach your audience with reliable A2P

It takes more than a shout to be heard.

A2P, Application-to-Person messaging, is a must-have across some of the world’s largest industries to ensure PIN codes, notifications, critical alerts and two-factor authentication are received by the right person, at exactly the right time. It’s no exaggeration to call A2P messaging an integral part of the life of the digital consumer, and thus also an integral part of your communication strategy.  

However, such business-critical communication, oftentimes containing sensitive information, must be handled properly and securely. The wrong choice of vendor can have tremendous consequences: poor messaging routes susceptible to fraudulent activities and attacks ultimately causing re-routed messages, lost data, slow delivery times and a bad customer experience.

Join this webinar to learn all about this business-critical solution, and the steps you can take to ensure your one-direction communication is moving in lockstep with your customers. 

The session is presented by Fabio Bottan, Senior Messaging Specialist at Telia Carrier. He will be joined by Cellusys’ CTO Daniel McTague and Jon Neighbour, Channel Director.


Fabio Bottan
Fabio Bottan
Senior Messaging Specialist at Telia Company

Fabio Bottan, Senior Messaging Specialist at Telia Company brings 20 years of telecom experience divided among different positions within Mobile Operators, Platform Vendors and International Carriers. 

In the past 10 years Fabio has helped international telecom groups to develop and implement special advanced messaging solutions mainly focused on combat of different types of telecom frauds and empowering Mobile Operators improving revenues and customer experience. 

Fabio holds a degree in Telecom Engineering and MBA in Business Administration

Daniel McTague
Daniel McTague
Chief Technology Officer at Cellusys

Daniel has been working in Cellusys since joining as a Software Engineer in 2009, and has been involved since in building the companies industry leading Security and Roaming products. Daniel has been CTO of Cellusys since 2017, and leads the company's research into new areas such as VoLTE and 5G, as well as ongoing research and solutions against the continuous evolution of Signalling Security threats and fraud faced by MNOs on a daily basis.

Jonathan Neighbour
Jonathan Neighbour
Channels Director at Cellusys

Jon joined Cellusys in 2020 as Channels Director and in a 25 year career in Telecoms, has worked with a number of leading vendors in the space including Metrica Systems (now part of IBM), Cramer Systems (now part of Amdocs), Actix, Aria Networks, Openwave Mobility and Evolved Intelligence (now Mobileum). Jon’s roles have ranged from Project Management to Technical Account Management as well as running Global Pre-sales organisations and in the last 5 years or so – Channel Sales and Development. Jon is responsible for Global Channels at Cellusys.