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The rise of CX as a differentiator in the network connectivity space

All too frequently, companies rely almost exclusively on product and technology comparisons when selecting a connectivity provider, when the single biggest differentiator may be the overall customer experience itself. While technical capabilities are very important, they are much less of a differentiator in a commoditized marketplace.

In The rise of CX as a differentiator in the network connectivity space Arelion and QTS join forces to discuss how the market has shifted towards more customer-centricity, how customer expectations have changed, the key characteristics of CX that set one provider apart from another, and what can be expected next within the connectivity space. Make sure to save your seat to this insightful discussion with two of the largest connectivity players on the market.

The recording has Andrew Everest (Arelion) on audio, and Jon Aufderheide (QTS) on audio and video.


Andrew Everest
Andrew Everest
Chief Procurement Officer & Head of Service Delivery, Arelion

As Chief Procurement Officer & Head of Service Delivery, Andy effectively ‘wears two hats’ in Arelion. He has ultimate responsibility for purchasing and supplier management alongside running a busy Service Delivery unit which is organized into the three segments – Content, Operator and Enterprise Delivery, and supported by centralized Service Configuration function. Andy has worked in the telecommunications industry for nearly twenty-two years and has worked for Global Crossing, NTT Communications, euNetworks and now Arelion (formerly Telia Carrier), which has been his home for the last 8+ years. Andy holds a BA(Hons) degree in German and a Master of Arts (MA) in Management and enjoys travelling and sport in his spare time, although it’s certainly more watching sport these days as opposed to playing. Working in telecommunication’s industry has allowed Andy to meet and deal with a number of external customers and suppliers alike and he’s also been able to travel and work with people from a variety of different cultures and backgrounds, which he has enjoyed immensely. He still finds the business challenging and there’s still lots to do – improving customer service constantly day by day is still very much on that radar as well.

Jon Aufderheide
Jon Aufderheide
VP Interconnectivity and Peering, QTS Data Centers

Jon Aufderheide joined QTS as VP Interconnectivity and Peering in March 2021. He has spent his career working in the peering and interconnection space in various roles with Global Crossing, Google, and AWS. His main focus has been on network engineering and architecture, peering and transit negotiation, and Edge expansion strategy. At QTS, Jon is bringing his industry experience and relationships together to ensure the QTS network ecosystems continue to grow and expand.