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OSTTRA is a financial technology company formed through the merger of MarkitServ, Traiana, TriOptima, and Reset. More than 1400 employees across 8 global offices develop and operate post-trade infrastructure for global financial markets, connecting thousands of counterparties on multi-asset networks that underpin the post trade lifecycle.

The challenge

Defragmentation of a legacy enterprise network for seamless data transfer between global sites

OSTTRA was facing several challenges with their network infrastructure and needed a simplified internal core network solution. The main requirement was to establish seamless connectivity between global sites using a fully meshed topology across different continents, with high bandwidth, while retaining full control over their IP network layer.

Given the nature of their business within the financial sector, there are several specific business-critical requirements. A reliable 'always-on' network is at the top of the list, providing uninterrupted service and low-latency connections for swift and seamless data transmission. Security is paramount, necessitating secure private connectivity between critical sites to safeguard sensitive financial data.

Furthermore, OSTTRA requires support for Layer 2 transparency, with features such as support for jumbo frames with an MTU of 9100, and protection mechanisms to ensure data integrity and confidentiality.
The solution

Multiple EVPLs – Ethernet private connections with high bandwidth and unrivalled flexibility

We successfully addressed all customer requirements, and here are some of the key benefits of the Arelion solution for OSTTRA:
  • Multiple 10Gbps Ethernet EVPL services, establishing point-to-point links between all sites, ensuring dedicated high-speed connectivity.
  • A combination of 10GE and 100GE ports connecting each site to Arelion’s high-capacity backbone network, for maximum resilience and scalability.
  • Dedicated Access tails to off-net locations, granting access to over 180 supplier NNI’s and more than 450 accredited local access partners, extending connectivity reach and coverage.
  • Optional 100G or 10G Cisco Network Interface Devices (NIDs) at each site, with performance data accessible through the MyArelion portal, for full visibility and control of network performance.
  • MSOP (Multiple Services on One Port) functionality, enabling local Internet breakout or Cloud Connect services on the same port, for additional flexibility and service customization.


Arelion’s solution fully meets OSTTRA's requirements for a scalable and reliable network, ensuring business-critical communication for all sites:

  • Seamless connectivity at all locations, with dedicated and high-speed point-to-point Ethernet EVPL services - facilitating efficient data transfer and collaboration.
  • Enhanced network reliability and scalability, meeting diverse business needs and accommodating future growth.
  • Expanded reach including campus cross connects, strengthening the network footprint.
  • Full visibility and control of network performance through the MyArelion portal, facilitating informed decision-making and network optimization.
  • The flexibility to tailor services according to specific requirements with MSOP, enabling the addition of local Internet breakout or Cloud Connect services on the same port.

Why we succeeded

Our success lies in our commitment to delivering what we promise:
  • Each connection facilitated by Arelion operates on our low-latency plane, ensuring the selection of the shortest latency path between any two locations. This prioritization guarantees swift data transmission and minimizes delays, ensuring the best possible user experience. 
  • Performance data is readily accessible on our portal, providing users with insights into network performance and facilitating informed decision-making.
  • Arelion's network is fortified with multiple paths between any two locations, ensuring resilience and uninterrupted connectivity. This redundancy mitigates the risk of disruptions and maintains business continuity.
  • Our solutions offer Layer 2 transparency and support for jumbo frames of up to 9100 bytes, facilitating seamless integration with existing infrastructure and optimizing data transmission efficiency.
  • The foundation of our success lies in the strong relationship and trust fostered between Arelion and our partners. This collaborative approach ensures professional coordination and a shared commitment to delivering best support service.
  • Arelion's core network is engineered to support high bandwidth requirements, designed in a mesh configuration to optimize performance and accommodate evolving demands.
  • We strategically position ourselves with a significant number of Points of Presence (PoPs) at specific customer locations, ensuring proximity to key network hubs and accessibility to our portfolio of services.
  • Our commitment to reliability is reflected in our SLA, ensuring maximum uptime and continuity of service. Additionally, our SLAs for latency and frame delivery underscore our dedication to delivering consistent and high-quality

Core solution elements

  • Point-to-point 10Gbps EVPL services into all sites
  • A combination of 10GE and 100GE ports connecting each site to Arelion’s high-capacity #1-ranked global backbone network
  • Prioritized EVPL traffic across our backbone network, logically separated from other traffic and running over our low-latency network plane
  • Access tails to off-net locations >180 supplier NNI’s and >450 accredited local access partners
  • Optional 100G or 10G Cisco Network Interface Devices (NIDs) at each site and key performance data via the MyArelion portal
  • MSOP (Multiple Services on One Port) functionality for local Internet breakout or Cloud Connect services on the same port

“Arelion's Ethernet EVPL services have significantly improved our connectivity landscape, providing dedicated and high-speed point-to-point connections between all our sites.” (...) With their robust backbone network and extensive coverage through dedicated access tails, we've experienced enhanced reliability and scalability, catering to our various business needs. The option to customize services through MSOP, along with access to performance data via the MyArelion portal, further demonstrates Arelion's commitment to delivering tailored solutions which empower their customers. We're highly satisfied with the results and look forward to continued collaboration."

Patrik Malinen, Head of Network