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Network security

Security lies at the heart of any premium network solution and as such, it is one of the most important network selection criteria for businesses.

Multi-layered network protection

In an increasingly uncertain world it is an essential part of all network planning, to protect against cyber attacks and other threats that are becoming increasingly sophisticated and destructive.

In our latest DDoS report, we observe emerging DDoS trends, attack traffic development, shifting attack vectors and ever more nation-state activity - using fresh data from our #1 ranked global Internet backbone, AS1299.

Our solutions

Arelion provides different levels of security with a multi-layered approach, using built-in security, monitoring and proactive detection.

Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) mitigation is major concern for Enterprises whose goal is to avoid and stop a DDoS attack before it disrupts their business and operation. As a global Tier 1 provider, Arelion takes on this challenge already within our International IP backbone. Our platform proactively manages terabit-scale attacks before they even reach our customers. Learn more about what a DDoS attack is, how to recognize DDoS attacks and how to stop them.

In 2019, Arelion announced the implementation of RPKI – a technology that validates and secures critical route updates or BGP announcements on our #1 ranked global Internet backbone. Read more about what is RPKI.

Arelion Ethernet services meet very strict security and compliance requirements and are MEF 3.0 certified. Read more: Ethernet for private network connectivity with bandwidths from 10Mbps to 40 Gbp.

Wavelengths for high data volumes up to 400GE. A dual-link service option provides two fully diverse routes between the same end points and offers the highest level of security and availability of critical data transfer. Another alternative is a single link or a redundant ring network topology for a resilient network and connection of key sites.

Read our guide to get more in-depth knowledge about what network security is.

Our network

Spanning 75,000 km and serving customers in 125 countries, our backbone spans North America, Europe, and Asia. Fiber-up network control with cutting-edge optical and IP technology deliver the scalability you need, whenever you need it. And with customer experience at the heart of everything we do, we create a network experience so good, you won’t even know we’re here.


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Why Arelion?

  • 70% of Internet routes are directly served by Arelion’s global backbone, AS1299
  • 95% of end-users in the US and EU are within one hop of AS1299
  • 8/9 of the world’s most valued brands are served by Arelion network
  • 5 top cloud providers directly connected: AWS, Google, Azure, Oracle and IBM
  • 350+ PoPs globally
  • 75,000 km of our own optical fiber assets