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GleSYS DC journey with Arelion

AI synergy: Arelion and GleSYS collaborate

Discover the unparalleled collaboration between two successful companies in the AI landscape. In this video, we delve into their achievements and how they’re gearing up to tackle future AI challenges. The central message? “We are ready!”

A trusted datacenter partner

Since 1999, GleSYS has been at the forefront of datacenter innovation. The company is headquartered in Falkenberg, Sweden with additional data centers in Stockholm and Oulu (Finland), as well as a development office in Malmö. With a growing clientele of more than 4,000 satisfied customers in 67 countries, GleSYS continues to expand its global presence.
GleSYS' interconnected data centers, powered by the secure and redundant GleSYS backbone, enables scalable infrastructure solutions, encompassing everything from colocation to network and cloud services. Committed to sustainability, GleSYS’ data centers are powered with renewable energy and employ pioneering heat recovery technology for the lowest possible CO2 footprint.

The challenge

GleSYS needs to align rapid expansion today, with future growth tomorrow. As their customer base grows, they need a reliable network partner to support today's connectivity needs and expectations - in terms of bandwidth development and reliability - with realistic expectations of AI-driven growth.


GleSYS found the perfect ally in Arelion, whose proactive support, strong presence and track record of meeting fast-growing network needs, makes them the partner of choice. Through close cooperation, Arelion offers tailored solutions that meet GleSYS's exacting requirements within a specific delivery timeframe.
Arelion's comprehensive product offerings, based on cutting-edge technology and expertise, align perfectly with GleSYS's interests. Although it is a global company, Arelion retains local knowledge and a personal touch, which is invaluable to GleSYS as their growth trajectory continues.


The partnership with Arelion yields tangible benefits for GleSYS, enabling them to expand seamlessly in Northern Europe to support burgeoning demand for data center capacity - a consequence of high energy costs in Central Europe.
With Arelion's support and reliable network, GleSYS can meet its own business objectives, by increasing operational efficiency and maximizing customer satisfaction. The collaboration fosters a shared vision for the future, with both companies aligning to support AI expansion on the market.


This shared vision includes further geographical expansion, enhanced service offerings, and a commitment to delivering unparalleled customer value everywhere. The partnership between GleSYS and Arelion is not only about meeting current challenges, but about connecting the future and unlocking new possibilities together.

“You need motorways between data centers and Arelion builds motorways. No demand is too big for them!”

Eric Lindsjö, Head of Network, GleSYS