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Connect to the Internet backbone

Do not overlook the underlay! We connect 95% of US and European end-users within one hop, providing fast and reliable network connection with low latency.

Who it is for?

  • Internet Service Providers who cannot compromise on network quality
  • Operators, cloud and content providers, including hyperscalers 
  • Enterprises that need access to the public Internet for their employees
  • Companies with high data volumes that require consistent and scalable Internet connectivity
  • Organizations migrating legacy WANs from private MPLS contracts to cloud-scale connectivity 
  • Infrastructure and DevOps teams who depend on stable and reliable Internet access to manage continuous integration and deployment

Customer network requirements

  • A fast and reliable Internet connection
  • The ability to handle a sustained increase in data traffic
  • A secure connection with minimal hops
  • Stable and resilient global network connectivity
  • Full network econtrol and comprehensive performance monitoring
  • Flexible charging options; pay ‘for what you use‘

Our solution

We don’t just own and operate one of the world’s best-connected Internet backbones, but we’ve also spent three decades developing and perfecting it. From the optical fiber right up to the customer service layer, our highly skilled and experienced engineers manage our network infrastructure and customer support 24/7. 

For organizations without the need for an AS number, we offer direct access to the Internet via our Dedicate Internet Access (DIA) offering, with guaranteed bandwidth and symmetrical speed, together with management of customer IP addresses and the BGP routing environment. 

For organizations looking to connect directly to the Arelion Internet backbone with their own Autonomous System (AS) number backbone, our IP Transit service is the perfect solution.

AS1299, our global Autonomous System, is a carrier-class network built for reliability and maximum uptime. We offer a full global routing table with minimal hops and our directly connected IP customer base accounts for 65% of all global Internet routes.

Through a mix of industry best practice, cutting-edge systems, and well-crafted policies, we minimize the chances of common routing threats, including BGP hijacks and route leaks.

Your organization is unique, and so are our connectivity solutions.

“As one of the original German Internet pioneers, we have worked with Arelion for more than a decade. Service is the major element in our corporate philosophy and in order for us to deliver the quality of service our customers expect, we need trustworthy, reliable and customer-oriented business partners. (...) quality of service our customers expect, we need trustworthy, reliable and customer-oriented business partners. Arelion is all of the above (and more!) and we have established a strong and growing business relationship. Therefore, we are very much looking forward to also entering the next decades with this partnership.”
Holger Grauer, CEO aixit GmbH, www.aixit.com

Why Arelion?

  • 65% of Internet routes are directly served by Arelion’s global backbone, AS1299
  • 95% of end-users in the US and EU are within one hop of AS1299
  • 8/9 of the world’s most valued brands are served by Arelion network
  • 5 top cloud providers directly connected: AWS, Google, Azure, Oracle and IBM
  • 350+ PoPs globally
  • 70,000 km of our own optical fiber assets