Hosting and CDN

Helping Hosting & CDN businesses stay ahead of the pack with connectivity service like IP Transit and Wavelengths for high availability and performance.

“Arelion has provided us with a cost-effective, scalable and reliable package of IP Transit, Wavelength and Ethernet services that underpin our need for dedicated, intercontinental connectivity.”
Andre Reitenbach, Managing Director, G-CORE LABS

Disruptive ideas are great. Disruptive network problems – not so much. Delivery means everything in a data-driven world, so outages or poor performance hurt. Hosting and CDN businesses operate in a highly competitive environment. When one wrong turn has the potential to jeopardize your business, you need a supplier who doesn’t just know the road, they own it.

You need Arelion. We own our own global, 100G enabled fiber network. It provides the most direct connection from your datacenters to the end-customers of every ISP on our network. That’s hundreds of millions of eyeballs with an uninterrupted long-haul connection straight to you – and the rest of the world is just one hop away.

Reliability is so important that we built our network twice. Our geographically diverse, so-called ‘Red and Blue’ network connects over 350+ Points-of-Presence in 120 cities and 35 countries. Reliability built on physical redundancy means your network never goes down. And our security options help protect you from DDoS attacks.

Our network

Spanning 75,000 km and serving customers in 125 countries, our backbone spans North America, Europe, and Asia. Fiber-up network control with cutting-edge optical and IP technology deliver the scalability you need, whenever you need it. And with customer experience at the heart of everything we do, we create a network experience so good, you won’t even know we’re here.


Explore our extensive network coverage with interactive maps, allowing you to make inquiries directly through the map. Download the static PoP Map for your region to keep it handy.

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