Connecting the
pharmaceutical industry

Arelion is a reliable carrier, with great professionals. The best thing about Arelion is its professional staff.”
Daniel Maganto, Account Director, Telefonica International Wholesale Services

Global networking for complex supply chains

Pharmaceutical companies rely on complex supply chains to connect multiple operations and industry segments worldwide. With enormous volumes of sensitive data - often involving medical records and insurance histories, clinical tests, data security and integrity are paramount. 


A highly reliable and secure network with redundancy is the baseline for the pharmaceutical industry. 

Our network

Spanning 75,000 km and serving customers in 125 countries, our backbone spans North America, Europe, and Asia. Fiber-up network control with cutting-edge optical and IP technology deliver the scalability you need, whenever you need it. And with customer experience at the heart of everything we do, we create a network experience so good, you won’t even know we’re here.


Explore our extensive network coverage with interactive maps, allowing you to make inquiries directly through the map. Download the static PoP Map for your region to keep it handy.

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