IPX and IoT

Arelion’s IoT backbone separates IoT traffic from public Internet traffic, connecting operators and enterprises directly to device management platforms via a highly scalable and robust IPX transport solution.

The backbone for the Internet of Things

The possibilities of IoT are huge, but so are the consequences. That’s why we believe IoT demands a backbone featuring the highest industry standards. Your dedicated IoT backbone connects mobile operators and enterprises directly to device management platforms in a single network hop with the lowest possible delay. Learn more about What Internet backbone is and what makes a good Internet backbone.

Partition traffic from the public internet

The "things" are coming – and so is their data. As this continues to grow, and as more applications become mission-critical, peering logic driven by 5G goes to the next level. Many IoT applications call for a higher quality of end-to-end connectivity and security.

You get the end-2-end oversight required for all your IoT traffic. By using pre-integrated service-topology, we can get you quickly to market in order to capitalize on the emerging possibilities of IoT.

End-to-end control

The Internet of Things (IoT) is expanding in all directions, with the potential to create real value – and real security concerns. When data transits between networks, you lose visibility, reliability, and security. The only way to guarantee end-2-end quality is to have end-2-end control. And that’s what we offer you.

Our IoT backhaul solution is a hub and spoke configuration powered by our global IPX backbone.

Our IPX network is GSMA-, IEEE- and I3F-compliant, and it is faster and easier to connect compared to layer-2 MPLS solutions. Your IoT traffic stays separate and safe from the Public Internet.

We guarantee end-2-end, our network's lowest possible latency, with Class of Service (CoS) awareness and committed Quality of Service (QoS) for the best possible results, which we express in our Service Level Agreements.

Reliable and accountable

Our red and blue network architecture means full redundancy designed from the ground up. This means network availability of up to 99.999% at the edge.

Critical applications, like autonomous vehicles, utilities, and health services increasingly rely on the IoT. At the same time, billions of commodity devices are rapidly joining the public Internet in a set-and-forget state, making security a make-or-break factor for the future of IoT. And, if anything does go wrong, you have the simplicity of a single point of accountability. We are always on call to assist you with our award-winning multi-lingual customer care team, available 24/7/365.

Cloud connected IPX

  • EXTEND YOUR NETWORK TO THE CLOUD - using our dedicated and private connections to AWS, Google, Azure, Oracle, and IBM - via Telia Carrier’s global backbone - to reach, e.g. your virtual packet gateways or any other cloud-placed nodes or platforms.
  • CONTROLLED CLOUD CONNECTIVITY - using these direct connections to the major cloud providers, we provide you with a secure inroad to the cloud. Cloud Connect is a private and dedicated connection that bypasses the public Internet – giving you more control of your bandwidth, with high levels of security and reliability.
  • SCALING MULTIPLE CLOUDS - Cloud Connect allows you to use a single port to connect to one or multiple cloud providers – making it a cost efficient way to scale cloud connectivity. Your bandwidth needs for cloud usage will aways be serviceable as we operate with ample capacity to ensure our global backbone is optimized for highly scalable, burstable workloads.
  • FAST RESPONSE - just like your business, we offer a high degree of agility. The average contract lead time is 7 days and average delivery time is 21 days.

Read more about the defination of Cloud Connect and connectivity methods.

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Toll-free numbers

Toll-free numbers

DENT has chosen Arelion as one of the central partners for its mobile cloud solutions. As a digital and global operator, we provide our customers (...) the most convenient way of staying online while traveling. Arelion meets the high demands for reliability and security of our customers and its great experience in IPX networks helps us to innovate. Arelion’s fair pricing models also help us to stay ahead of the competition.

Philipp Gasteiger, Senior Consultant, Digital Oxygen GmbH

1NCE GmbH has been cooperating with Arelion for a year and Arelion has had a very fast and constructive dialogue since first meeting. The progress (...) of the project was ensured very professionally. In fact, at our request, a new project was created – IPX connection to AWS cloud, which also supports AWS specific features, like BGP community export and others. The flexibility with which Arelion provided the essentially customized product is at a very high level. In the context of operational cooperation, I would especially like to note very good announcements for planned maintenances – those are always very well explained and sent in timely manner. The overall communication is superb! We are very pleased with the cooperation and hope that it will continue and develop successfully with the development of our company.

Jans Jelinskis, Technical director, 1NCE Latvia SIA
Technical highlights
Data segmentation to prevent signaling-storms and traffic-bursts
Faster and easier to connect compared to layer-2 MPLS solutions
Based on end-to-end, low latency DWDM network
24/ 7/365 help desk with direct access to specialist security partners
Easy to integrate with third party VAS services and firewalls
Security highlights

Our dedicated and private AS8837 IPX network operates on top of Arelion’s backbone.

Secure by design features
Compliant with all applicable GSMA standards for IPX security & DNS (IR.34, IR.67, IR.77 etc.)
Experienced in addressing IoT-platform interoperability challenges
Facility to route traffic to your IoT steering platform and roaming hubs
Automatic switchover thanks to fully redundant Red and Blue networks
NOC situated in a well secured and connected building with multiple power sources
Physical and logical security considered from design to deployment
Network-wide User Acceptance Policy
Customer Service authentication procedures
Clear customer data handling policies
Clear customer instructions regarding business changes and incident management

More about IPX to cloud...

Learn more about why to choose IPX to Cloud Connect solution. The solution is aimed for customers that require more control of their bandwidth, i.e. a high level of flexibility and scalability, using a dedicated connection to the cloud.

Below you can download our IPX to Cloud infographic and find more important information in our Q&As document.

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Toll-free numbers

Toll-free numbers