Roaming Signaling

Connect to any of our 350+ IPX PoPs worldwide to keep your customers connected wherever they go in the world with Arelion’s signaling service.

Simplify Roaming

Customers are on the move, and roaming has become an indispensable part of a mobile operator’s business. But each new standard and application makes the job of managing roaming more complex. What if you could cut the complexity with a single solution? With Arelion’s Signaling service, you can.

Combine Roaming Signaling Flows

Arelion’s Signaling service uses a common IPX-based connection to combine all your roaming signaling flows into one redundant and diverse solution.

Our Roaming Signaling Exchange enables international LTE/4G roaming as well as traditional SS7 (2G/ 3G) message signaling. Thanks to state-of-the-art Signal Transfer Points (STPs) and Diameter Signaling Controllers, your end users can roam like they never left home.

Arelion peers with all major signaling providers for both SS7 and DRX. And because we built this service on our global IPX backbone, a single connection – and a single invoice – lets you exchange roaming data with virtually every other operator on the globe. It’s all right there. Any service. Any partner. Anywhere.

Supporting Multi-Protocol Architecture 

We’ve designed this service to handle anything your customers want to throw at you, including full SS7, SIGTRAN, Diameter signaling, and SMS-transit to mobile operators worldwide.

The service supports GSMA, IETF, and 3GPP operational modes, with ANSI/ITU conversion available as an option. To back it all up, our extensive online reporting helps you drill down deep on your customers’ roaming behavior.

Features mean nothing without reliability – so we’ve gone all in at the physical level with geographically diverse fiber routings throughout our network. All backed up with 24/7/365 network monitoring and customer care. If there is a problem, it won’t be there long. That’s how we deliver 99.999% availability and guarantee it with an SLA.

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With millions of end-users, for whom the word ‘interruption’ simply doesn’t exist, established network solutions don’t always cut it. That’s why we created our own (...) delivery platform and needed a network partner with not only a solid backbone, but also the right mindset and understanding to support our rapid and often unpredictable growth trajectory.

Andre Reitenbach, CEO, G-Core Labs
Technical highlights
Port types:



Opt 1G LC


Opt 10G LC



Security highlights

Our Roaming Signaling protocol runs on our IPX infrastructure, a private network built on our global backbone, and is configured for protection against different forms of security threats such as DDoS/DoS from packet spoofing, route spoofing, and label spoofing. We follow the GSMA IR.77 guidelines for inter-operator provider security rules. 

Dual NOCs situated in secure underground locations
Physical and logical security considered from design to deployment
Network-wide User Acceptance Policy
Customer Service authentication procedures
Clear customer data handling policies