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Build your core network

Reliable network solutions provided by a reliable company - we ensure a direct route between content and end-users, offering unique customer solutions and a strong base for further network building.

"Receiving good customer care from our partners is an important part of delivering the best music experience to millions of users every day. Arelion Customer Support Center always responds quickly to issues and act professionally. We are really happy that when something happens, we can count on Arelion CSC to do their best to resolve the issue as soon as possible."
The Network Engineering team at Spotify

Who it is for?

  • Organizations (operators and enterprises) searching for a high-performing core network solution with a stable foundation for future network expansion 
  • Geographically diverse, multi-site organizations requiring high-bandwidth and availability 
  • Customers looking for a flexible network solution portfolio ranging from small-scale Ethernet and IP-VPN bandwidth to full-scale Wavelength solutions
  • Companies who plan to build their own long-haul networks without the burden of digging costs for new infrastructure

Customer network requirements

  • High-capacity network for future growth
  • High-performace without network interruption
  • A reliable and secure solution when a core network backbone is  critical for business continuity
  • Professional network planning 
  • The flexibility to expand and upgrade whenever needed 
  • Professional customer support with fast response times

Our solutions

Every company and organization is unique, as are their networks challenges. Our global fiber backbone and dedicated network solutions empower our customers to build and optimize their own network infrastructure, reduce costs, and increase business agility:

  • Ethernet - for private network connections with a high level of security and reliability, connecting key national and international sites
  • IP solutions - for securely connecting customer sites to the public Internet, with additional features for privacy and network quality optimization feautures
  • Wavelengths - for high-capacity network connectivity (up to 400 Gbps) built on DWDM technology
  • Smart IP VPN – for robust and secure virtual private networks. Options include the provision of service ordering functions at customer premises using our off-net service extension (Arelion On-Prem)
  • Optical fibers – for delivering global optical fiber between key international locations


Our long extensive industry, track record and award-winning customer support, where 80% of trouble tickets are resolved by frontline staff without further escalation, makes us the partner of choice in this business segment.

Our network

Spanning 75,000 km and serving customers in 125 countries, our backbone spans North America, Europe, and Asia. Fiber-up network control with cutting-edge optical and IP technology deliver the scalability you need, whenever you need it. And with customer experience at the heart of everything we do, we create a network experience so good, you won’t even know we’re here.


Explore our extensive network coverage with interactive maps, allowing you to make inquiries directly through the map. Download the static PoP Map for your region to keep it handy.

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Why Arelion?

  • 70% of Internet routes are directly served by Arelion’s global backbone, AS1299
  • 95% of end-users in the US and EU are within one hop of AS1299
  • 8/9 of the world’s most valued brands are served by Arelion network
  • 5 top cloud providers directly connected: AWS, Google, Azure, Oracle and IBM
  • 350+ PoPs globally
  • 75,000 km of our own optical fiber assets