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What is Dedicated Internet Access

Connecting without an AS number

Dedicated Internet Access service offers a reliable and high-performance Internet connection, ensuring consistent bandwidth, speed, and top-notch security. DIA is ideal for businesses that have zero tolerance for interruptions and prioritize safeguarding their operations.

It enables a direct and dedicated connection between an Internet Service Provider and a customer's premises - enhancing business continuity and operational efficiency.

Generally, DIA is delivered on Ethernet or other dedicated private-line circuits. It becomes increasingly cost-effective as bandwidth increases.

The benefits of Dedicated Internet Access (DIA)

DIA, or Dedicated Internet Access, is a service which guarantees rapid download and upload speeds. It is often deployed by businesses that rely on cloud-based applications, perform frequent large file transfers, and have many remote workers. The main benefits of DIA include: 

Guaranteed bandwidth
Your DIA bandwidth is 100% dedicated to you and your needs, ensuring consistent and reliable Internet speeds without the uncertainty of sharing resources with other users.

Reliable and predictable performance
With DIA, your Internet connection operates consistently and without performance fluctuations, regardless of external factors or network congestion.

Symmetrical speeds
DIA offers symmetrical bandwidth, with upload speeds matching download speeds. This symmetry is particularly valuable for businesses that engage in activities like video conferencing, cloud data backups, and large file transfers.

DIA services typically come with SLAs that outline performance standards and uptime commitments. This gives you peace of mind in knowing that the service provider is accountable for maintaining a high level of performance and reliability.

24/7/365 customer support
Dedicated Internet Access is not just about a reliable, high-performance Internet connection; it is also about ensuring your business stays connected and supported around the clock. Customer support is a fundamental part of DIA, providing users with fast fault resolution, less down time and access to technical expertise. 

DIA by Arelion

Arelion’s DIA service, also known as IP Connect, extends top-tier global IP connectivity through a carrier-grade network to companies without their own IP resources.

Each DIA customer receives route announcements or a static route, granting worldwide access to all networks interconnected with our Internet backbone, AS1299.

In essence, Arelion provides dedicated access to all Internet destinations without the need for an AS number, IP addresses, or the complexities of managing BGP routing.

Furthermore, we offer additional service features, including DNS and domain registration, to enhance your online presence and support your business needs.

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