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Seven Recommendations for a successful SD-WAN strategy

The keys to a well defined SD-WAN roll out

In this white paper we explore:

  • The importance of the underlay network in an SD-WAN solution

  • Last mile considerations

  • DIY vs. fully-managed SD-WAN solutions

  • The evaluation of prospective suppliers

  • Commercial flexibility and increased automation

The path towards SD-WAN is rarely straightforward and enterprises are often uncertain about which approach will deliver the greatest business benefit. The stakes are high - partners selected now will be supporting 3-5 years of digital transformation.

This white paper provides guidance for enterprises looking to reap the benefits of an SD-WAN deployment, with minimal business disruption.

Your SD-WAN journey: evolution or revolution?

For the vast majority of global enterprise WANs, SD-WAN is a smooth transition. More than 80% (according to Gartner) will deploy hybrid WANs. Enterprises should therefore establish holistic strategies for their future networks and by answering seven fundamental questions, costly SD-WAN pitfalls can be avoided.

Why Arelions’ SD-WAN service?

SD-WAN accelerates operational processes, like deploying, modifying, or disconnecting network services. Our SD-WAN service is optimized for cloud-scale networking, for both the Overlay and the Underlay - enabling a stable and scalable solution.

Future Proof Your SD-Wan

Installing a new appliance is not enough to future proof your SD-WAN, you need a holistic approach tailored to the new realities of the cloud-centric WAN. Join our webinar where we use a real case example of a Fortune 500 company to address the most critical challenges of your SD-WAN transformation.