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Public internet connectivity
for enterprise networks

In this white paper we take a deeper look at the Internet backbone and public Internet connectivity from an enterprise point-of-view. Main topics include:

  • The evolving Internet ecosystem

  • The public Internet hierarchy and concept of tiers

  • Private IP Transit networks and Internet exchange points (IXPs)

  • How the choice of upstream provider can impact performance and end-user experience

  • Important considerations for building Cloud and SD-WAN solutions with a public Internet underlay

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Is the public internet fit for business?

The Internet has evolved into a critical component of our daily lives. But for many, Internet connectivity and the underlying networks that hold it all together are an unknown quantity. This white paper digs into the foundations of the Internet and explains why Internet performance can vary greatly between different service provider networks. In addition, as Internet-based SD-WAN and cloud solutions gain traction, it also highlights important supplier considerations for enterprise WAN managers looking to run business-critical applications across the Internet backbone.