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Is the energy crisis hurting enterprise networks?

The current energy crisis is hitting many businesses hard. We wanted to investigate the impact it is having on network operations and in particular, the effect it has had on the wider network sustainability agenda. Is it accelerating the transition to a greener network future, or slowing it down?

Our latest survey reached out to senior decision-makers across a range of industry verticals – from the manufacturing and pharmaceutical industries to financial services and IT. The respondents are decision-makers working for large companies in the US, UK, France and Germany. Key findings include:

  • The impact of energy cost and supply issues on enterprise networks
  • The extent to which rising energy costs have affected goods and services sold
  • The effect the energy crisis has had on network investments and sustainability
  • The psychological impact of the crisis
“45% of leaders have suffered significant stress as a result of the recent surge in the cost of energy for their network operations”