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The 2021 Enterprise network security report

Our 2020 WAN survey identified security as the biggest pain point in enterprise networks. In our latest research, we take a closer look at the security challenges facing enterprises in 2021. From the perspective of business leaders in four of the world’s largest markets, we discover what keeps business leaders awake at night and where they are spending their security budgets. We also investigate the emerging DDoS threat faced by companies and the methods they are using to mitigate attacks. Key topics include:

  • The enterprise threat landscape today
  • The most common security incidents 
  • The business impact of cybercrime
  • The extent to which DDoS attacks have affected business continuity


The impact of COVID-19 on network security

The Covid-19 pandemic posed dramatic and unprecendeted challenges to businesses the world over, but how did it affect Enterprise networks? Our report examines the overall impact of the pandemic on network security and the implications it has for future corporate network strategies.

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