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A network to bank on: WAN insights from the financial sector

In our recent research about the evolution of corporate WANs and cloud adoption, we asked senior decision-makers within banking and financial services a number of important questions about connectivity and the cloud. The report, based on a survey conducted in four of the world’s biggest markets — the US, the UK, Germany and France, reveals dissatisfaction with current WAN providers and uncertainty about better solutions. Using the data gathered from the financial sector, we are able to share some unique insights about:​

  • The public Internet underlay ​
  • Sustainability ​
  • Cloud connect strategies​
  • Automation and APIs​
  • Network priorities and pain points

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Embracing digital transformation

The banking and financial services industries have fully embraced the Digital Revolution and they’re ready for the next wave. They want cutting-edge solutions that maximize speed and efficiency – and a lower carbon footprint. However, they face significant challenges as they try to develop the corporate WAN for the 2020s. Download the report to find out more.

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