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What really defines network quality in 2022?

Is quality just a feeling?

The word ‘quality’ is frequently used in the telecom industry. But what does it really mean? Is it purely subjective and based on gut feeling, or something that can be objectively measured and followed-up with network KPIs and a Service Level Agreement (SLA)? Quality tends to mean something different for everyone, but it has major implications for network buyers. How can something so important be so difficult to define? In this report, we took a closer look at the concept of network quality and carried out a new survey to discover fresh insights from 750 business leaders in Europe and North America. Highlights include:

  • The key characteristics that define network service quality
  • The impact of SLAs on network quality
  • The importance of intangible parameters when assessing quality
  • Tips for identifying and sustaining quality from a network supplier

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Arelion Quality report front cover