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Customer excellence
at Arelion

We put our best people in the frontline, fixing 80% of customer issues at first line, for an effortless experience and industry-leading customer satisfaction.

"Receiving good customer care from our partners is an important part of delivering the best music experience (...) to millions of users every day. Arelion Customer Support Center always responds quickly to issues and acts professionally. We are really happy that when something happens, we can count on Arelion CSC to do their best to resolve the issue as soon as possible."
The Network Engineering team
"It’s vital and business critical for us as a global organization to have a fast and well-functioning (...) IT environment, regardless of whether we use our customer-located applications or cloud services across different countries and locations. Arelion’s solution works as well in Manila as it does at our head office in Stockholm, suiting our needs like hand-in-glove.”
Björn Wide, Head of IT & Security
"Arelion delivers a superior customer experience, technical excellence, and true value to our business.” 
The Network Engineering team

A culture that cares

Arelion offers something different, and it all starts with a unique culture - a culture that cares. It has helped us to create an effortless experience and an industry-leading Net Promoter Score.

Arelion customer satisfaction Net promotor score

A reliable partner with quality services

Superstars at the front line
90% of our front line people hold a BSc or MSc in Computer Science, Communication Systems ​or Electrical Engineering​. 33% have two technical degrees, and 33% are both CISCO and JUNIPER certified. The result: nearly 80% first-line resolution rate.
Service managers at your service
From the moment you come on board, our service managers track the quality of your services, and they address recurring issues to make sure we find and resolve underlying root causes and that our services meet your expectations.
Award-winning customer service
We are a recognized world leader for customer service and a multiple award winner of best UX, best customer care and best customer service awards. Our focus on continuous improvement is relentless. At least that’s what our customers tell us.

Working systematically towards excellence

Arelion Customer Support Center (CSC) comprises of highly trained and experienced technology professionals, with in-depth technical knowledge. They work within a customer-centric service environment, apllying their profiency and trouble-shooting expertise, which continually leads to high first-line resolution rates, far above our industry peers. Our global customers recognize our CSC as Customer Care champions; their contructive feedback has helped us win a series of awards and accolades.

Full information transparency

We've made it our mission to share as much information with our customers as we can. My Arelion portal gives you full access to the services you buy, and a comprehensive view of your underlying service performance. The portal uses the same Open APIs as our customers, and we're continously adding more data to our Open APIs. Stay on top of your service inventory, ongoing and past deliveries, support cases, network disturbances and upcoming planned works, all in one place. 

Service Management

Our service managers represent the voice of our customers. From the moment you come on board, our service managers track the quality of your services through trend analysis and statistics. They address recurring issues and raise problem cases, to make sure we find and resolve underlying root causes and that our services meet your expectations.


Customer stories

”Our customer’s business goals require continuous application development within an expanding global multi-cloud IT environment - to drive the continuous large-scale experimentation and management of business-critical applications required by the financial sector.”