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Pulp and Paper Manufacturing

Read more about our customer case where we helped a global pulp and paper manufacture to solve some crucial issues related to the insufficient network capacity providing a reliable and adaptive WAN underlay solution.

Stable foundation for future growth

A global pulp and paper manufactory needed to resolve some major business challenges caused by undersized connectivity infrastructure. By increasing underlay network capacity and implementing a reliable and secure end-to-end hybrid WAN underlay service, Arelion has empowered the customer’s network to support business growth and future migration to the cloud, as well as the adoption of new cloud-based services. 


Key issues 

  • Insufficient network capacity causing slow connections

  • Lack of network flexibility and scalability 

  • Unsatisfactory (and volatile) cost structure

  • Slow and unpredictable delivery cycle



  • Future-proof solution with increased network scalability

  • Faster service turnup time

  • Lower and predictable cost per Mbps

  • Cloud onramps to support smooth cloud transition


Arelion’s solution was part of a comprehensive turnkey package from Arelion and primarily the WAN network underlay to increase capacity in the customer’s network and connect key offices around the world. Component products included IP VPN, Direct Internet Access (DIA) and Cloud Connect, combining the best-connected global Internet backbone, with unparalleled scalability and flexibility. 

This fully managed networking solution was coupled with managed Internet breakouts, additional security options and SD-WAN overlay to improve network performance and visibility for smarter networking decisions.

Additionally, professional services and award-winning customer service desk support were highly appreciated value-adds.


  • A flexible and scalable network solution based on the latest technology offering greater infrastructure capacity and faster connectivity
  • The best-connected gateway to an ecosystem connecting the major cloud providers
  • A stable and future-proof solution for a growing business 
  • Comprehensive customer support from a single vendor with an industry best-in-class NPS score of 51% (2022)
  • Support from highly educated staff delivering first line resolution rates of 80%

Customer description

  • Industry: Pulp & paper manufacturing
  • HQ: EU
  • No. employees: 10.000+
  • Location: Multiple locations worldwide