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What is IP Transit?

The Internet backbone is a network of public networks, or autonomous systems (AS) connected to each other. Autonomous systems are essentially a unique collection of IP addresses/address blocks and network hardware within a common administrative domain. They are like independent, digital countries – each with a distinct geographical footprint, infrastructure, and routing policy. 

For full Internet access, a connection needs to either be established directly with all of these networks, or by a connecting through a network that is connected in some way to all of the other networks on the Internet. Generally, retail or enterprise users buy access from a single service provider and effectively become a part of that network (from and IP addressing point-of-view, at least). 

Autonomous systems communicate route information and steer traffic to each other using a protocol known as the Border Gateway Protocol, or BGP
IP Transit is a service by which networks have access to the rest of the Internet via BGP. In contrast to peering, where AS networks exchange only their own customer routes (on a mutual benefit and cost neutral basis), IP Transit is a commercial service whereby one network provides access to the entire Internet routing table (or a subset thereof), in return for payment. IP Transit services are typically charged on a usage basis, or by flat monthly fee. Because IP Transit services are based on BGP, networks buying IP Transit are required to operate and administer their own AS. A prerequisite for this is good knowledge of BGP routing and hardware capable of running it.

In contrast to services based on default routing, such as dedicated Internet access (DIA) and IP Connect, IP Transit affords larger networks greater routing flexibility and control.

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