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Global WAN and cloud connectivity

Enterprises today deserve better: a stable and experienced network provider that keeps them connected. With our #1 ranked Internet backbone and extensive global reach, we simplify connectivity. With our best people in the frontline, we fix 77% of network issues during the first call - for industry-leading customer satisfaction.

We connect the world, let us connect you too

We are the only carrier to combine global network reach with a lean specialist organization, whose sole focus is connectivity. 

We ensure that our network, organization, processes and tools are optimized to deliver the highest standards of performance and great network support. 

As a result, Arelion is ranked as the best connected IP backbone (Oracle DYN reports 2017-2020) and has been repeatedly awarded for Best Customer Experience (World Communications Awards).

Facts & Figures

  • 65% of Internet routes are directly served by Arelion’s global backbone, AS1299
  • 95% of end-users in the US and EU are within one hop of AS1299
  • 8/9 of the world’s most valued brands are served by Arelion network
  • 5 top cloud providers are directly connected: AWS, Google, Azure, Oracle and IBM
  • 300+ PoPs globally
  • 450+ local access providers partners worldwide
  • 70,000 km of our own optical fiber assets

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The Cloudification of Networking

With changing user behavior and new digital business models, it’s an exciting time to rethink your WAN strategy. Our industry is innovating rapidly and enhanced functionality based on cloud and software-defined networking principles are unleashing the full potential of advanced optical fiber infrastructure. Furthermore, network automation and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are prominent technologies that are driving greater efficiency and agility in traditional network operations. Our superior SD-WAN service delivers these benefits across our global backbone, allowing enterprises to build an underlay directly on the Internet backbone itself.

Carrier-Grade for Enterprises
Managing explosive data traffic volumes within an always-on operational environment requires a network with high-availability, scalability and performance - together with managed QoS and comprehensive redundancy. Most enterprise-grade networks can’t deliver this. As an industry-leading international carrier, our services adhere to stringent industry standards and our network is engineered to consistently deliver mission-critical connectivity. Our core networking services, Smart IPVPN, Ethernet and Wavelengths are ideal for resilient and dependable connections that enterprises can trust for their corporate Intranet environments or to connect data centers and critical sites.
Dedicated Tier 1 Connectivity
Becoming a digital enterprise requires extensive software development and easy access to leading-edge tools and technologies, as well as a stable environment for continuous integration and deployment. This requires a scalable, reliable and well-connected network underlay. Our #1 ranked Internet backbone serves the world’s largest operators, cloud and content providers, as well as enterprises that rely on business-critical connectivity. Find out why Internet connectivity can vary significantly between different service provider networks.