Onboarding information

Welcome onboard! It's time to get your service delivered. Our onboarding process explains what happens after you have signed the order.

Service Delivery Process

Let's get started! Applying our "first-time-right" approach, we provide a simple, transparent, and informative service delivery experience. Our service delivery process involves four steps, managed end-to-end by your Service Delivery Coordinator. 

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1. Order acknowledgement
  • The order acknowledgement is automatically sent to your nominated commercial and delivery contacts when your account manager registers your signed order in our systems.
  • The order acknowledgement details the service(s) you have ordered so you can check that all is correct.
  • The order acknowledgement also details the next steps to ensure we are fully transparent about on what comes next.
2. Assigned delivery coordinator
  • The Delivery Coordinator is your trusted single point of contact (SPOC). 
  • Your SPOC will contact you within two working days and manage the order process through to the Ready For Service (RFS) stage. 
  • You will receive a confirmation that your order has been checked, validated and accepted. 
  • Letter of Authority (LoA) / Customer Facility Assignment (CFA) communications will follow as required. 
  • Additional status updates will be provided as appropriate through to the RFS stage - E.g., updates on the progress of third party elements. 
3. Committed ready for service
  • You will receive a committed RFS date, backed by Arelion's SLA. 
  • By this stage, all network elements will be reserved, including any third-party elements/documentation that may be required.
  • It is critical that during this stage, you provide Arelion with any vital information (RIPE/ARIN input, LoA, Access) to avoid delaying the committed RFS date.
4. Ready for service
  • Your service has now been installed, ready to be handed over to you.
  • You have up to 72 hours to test and verify the new service prior to billing commencement (unless any issues found).
  • Clarification of handover between Arelion Delivery and Service Assurance.

Service Delivery Management

Our service delivery managers represent the voice of our customers. From the moment you come on board, our service managers track the quality of your services through trend analysis and statistics. They address recurring issues and raise problem cases, to make sure we find and resolve underlying root causes and that our services meet your expectations.


My Arelion - Customer Portal

We give you access to the information you want, when you want it, through our easy-to-use portal. My Arelion portal gives you full acess to the services you buy, and is letting you view how well your underlying service perform. Stay on top of your service inventory, ongoing and past deliveries, support cases, network disturbances and upcoming planned works, all in one place.