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Meet our Customer
Support team

Meet some of our qualified Customer Support team.

Meet Reshma

“We bring together years of top-notch technical expertise”

As a Team Lead at Arelion, I take great pride in being part of a driven, dedicated, and diverse team of engineers. We bring together years of top-notch technical expertise across various verticals in the Telecommunications domain. Our focus is on creating a balanced work-life environment that enables us to deliver exceptional tech support for our customers. Personally, I recently completed a master's degree in Nuclear & Particle Physics, driven by my passion for knowledge. 

I've had the privilege of working with professional mentors and colleagues who have been both inspiring and great to work with. With experience at MNCs like Infosys and Accenture, I'm now thrilled to be part of the incredible Arelion team. The learning curve here is continuously expanding, thanks to the exceptional Arelion management and our amazing team! 

Meet Maher

“We play a vital role in connecting the world”

Since joining Arelion in 2021, I quickly realized that we play a vital role in connecting the world. I've been consistently impressed by the company's dedication to fostering a global culture, providing learning opportunities, and creating a great work environment. Arelion has truly empowered my career growth, offering new opportunities and embracing my development. 

The cross-cultural experience with customers worldwide has been incredibly rewarding. Moreover, the supportive and collaborative work environment at Arelion makes me proud to be part of something special.

Meet Priya

“Dedicated and passionate about our customers”

I joined Arelion in 2022 after a decade in Telecom in India. As a stay-at-home mom for three years, I was initially nervous about balancing work and family life. However, Arelion's flexibility not only allowed me to spend more time with my family but also brought a sense of serenity to my work. At Arelion, my thoughts and opinions are valued and heard. In just a year as a Customer Support Engineer, I've learned a great deal. Working here means constant learning, avoiding stagnation and monotony. 

I'm entrusted with new challenges, making this journey exciting and fulfilling. In my role, I'm dedicated and passionate about our customers, and their appreciation fulfills me with a sense of achievement. I consider myself fortunate to have found the right opportunity at the right time and place with Arelion. 

Meet Morteza

“I prioritize providing fast and efficient support”

I specialize in network and communication infrastructures, and network security. My experience lies in customer support for fiber optic transmission systems and implementing secure, private end-to-end services. This has given me a deep understanding of technology and customer needs, while developing skills in problem-solving, communication, and customer service. At Arelion since 2022, as a customer support engineer, I prioritize providing fast and efficient support to restore services and ensure customer satisfaction.

I'm passionate about fiber optic services and their potential to connect the world, bridge the digital divide, and enhance people's lives. Working at Arelion allows me to explore and contribute to this exciting technology.