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Help along the way

Data I may need to provide 

At Arelion, we strive to deliver the best possible service experience. We may therefore need to request additional information to ensure a smooth and successful delivery. This can include details such as your network topology, preferred routing policy, and service level agreements. By providing this information, we can tailor your service setup to your unique needs, resulting in a seamless and optimized experience.

Technical Order Form

We want to make sure your service setup is tailored to your needs and without delay. That's why we offer a Technical Order Form, where we ask for your network configuration requirements, including your BGP autonomous system number, AS-SET, preferred link aggregation grouping, and Cloud Services keys (if applicable). Once we receive your order, a link to the form will be sent to your IP Configuration and Delivery contacts. Supplementing the configuration parameters in due course ensures a smooth setup experience.

Local Contact (LCON)

If your service is delivered into your office/site, we will ask for a contact person to secure a successful Delivery experience - your Local Contact (LCON). Your LCON is knowledgeable about your site/office facilities and will guide our engineers and partners during site survey and installations.

Letter of Authorization (LOA) 

For services delivered to a data center, we require a Letter of Authorization (LOA). This official letter provides written authorization to connect to other parties within a Data Center and includes information about where a circuit should be terminated to a telecommunications carrier or other Z-end parties interconnection environment. The LOA includes specific information on the location such as room, panel, and port numbers, which is commonly referred to as Connecting Facility Assignment (CFA), or Carrier, Customer or Circuit Facility Assignment. 

Service Delivery journey

The Arelion “first-time-right” approach provides a simple, transparent, and informative Service Delivery experience. Our Service Delivery process involves four steps, managed from start to Turn up by your Service Delivery Manager.

One POC – Service Delivery Managers

We are a dedicated team responsible for delivering network-related orders across multiple product portfolios and technologies. Our primary focus is to ensure a seamless Customer Experience by providing concise communication throughout the delivery cycle. Our processes are aligned with measurable and transparent lead times to guarantee that we deliver right first time – every time.