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Our global fiber network

Spanning 75,000 km of our own fiber, and using state-of-the-art DWDM and IP technology, our network infrastructure connects Europe, North America and Asia.

“At Orion Telekom, we believe that the most important asset for an Internet service provider, besides good customer support (...) , is a super-fast connection that is stable and reliable.
Vladan Tasić, Network and Services RnD Director
“As one of the largest owners of optical networks in the Czech Republic and Central Europe (...) , focused exclusively on the B2B and wholesale segments, we prioritize the selection of a reliable connectivity partner.
The Wholesale Management Team
“As one of the original German Internet pioneers, we have worked with Arelion for more than a decade. (...) Service is the major element in our corporate philosophy and in order for us to deliver the quality of service our customers expect, we need trustworthy, reliable and customer-oriented business partners.
Holger Grauer, CEO aixit GmbH

Explore our interactive network maps

Explore our extensive network coverage with interactive maps. Filter for the desired service, locate a PoP, and send an inquiry directly via our interactive map.

AS1299 - the network of the networks

As a Tier 1 network owner we can reach every other network on the Internet solely via settlement-free interconnection. Our AS1299 is currently ranked #1 and our IP customers account for nearly 70% of all Internet routes. Whether you're a startup or Fortune 500, our network is the backbone of your business - connecting you directly to everything and everyone that matters. 

Plant Enquiries

You’re designing a construction project or landscape planning? Please request necessary route map info about our Network. Email at: check-network@arelion.com

BGP and Routing

BGP (Border Gateway Protocol) routing is the central nervous system of the Internet. Stable and efficient IP routing between different Autonomous Systems (AS) is essential for the security of the entire Internet ecosystem. Our BGP communities and the added security of RPKI enable manageable and reliable traffic flows.

Looking Glass

Whether you're just curious or need some tools to check your connectivity, our looking glass puts you at the heart of our network.

Network Operations & Infrastructure

From the fiber up, our highly skilled engineers manage our network infrastructure from a nuclear bomb-proof network operations center, cased in two meters of concrete and a wall of Swedish granite, 35 meters below the ground. Our fully owned fiber and network assets allow us to operate a fully scalable, reliable and diverse network environment to deliver an award-winning customer experience.

IP Network Performance

World-class connectivity starts with a competitive network SLA. Here you can find monthly IP network performance metrics for our global Internet backbone, AS1299.

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