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Cookie policy

Last updated: 2023/03/20

Arelion appreciates your interest in the company and your visit to the company’s website. Your privacy is important to us and we want you to feel safe when using this website. Arelion strives to offer internet services that do not compromise the privacy of customers and visitors.

We use cookies  

Like most websites on the Internet, Arelion uses cookies to enhance site performance and provide a better customer experience. 

They are not used to collect your personal information. Any personal information that the visitor fills in is saved in order to optimize the user experience and for Arelion to adapt communication to each user's unique interests. We do not share information with third parties.

What are cookies 

A cookie is a text file that the website stores on your computer. When we refer to cookies in this policy, we also include other similar technologies and tools that collect and store information in your browser, and in some cases transfer such information to third parties, in a manner similar to cookies. Examples include pixels, local storage, session storage and fingerprinting.

Cookies collect information about your use of website and store data in your device in order to, for example, support you to log in to a website, remember what’s in your shopping basket when you are shopping online, track and analyze your visits to our website and browsing behavior to make our website work, or to work more efficiently.

We use cookies for these purposes

In order to give you better control over what cookies are used on our website, and thus easier to determine how cookies can be used when you visit our website, we have defined four different categories of cookies. These categories are defined based on the purposes for which cookies and information collected by means of cookies are used. In our Cookie table further down on page, you can see which category each cookie belongs to, for what purposes it is being used and for how long it is active.

In terms of the purpose of cookies, we have identified the following two categories of cookies. All categories also cover cookies which allow data to be transferred to third party providers. 

Types of Cookie

Session Cookies

Session cookies are temporary pieces of information that are erased once you close your web browser window or turn your computer off. Session cookies are used to improve navigation on websites. 

Persistent Cookies

Persistent cookies are more permanent pieces of information that are placed on the hard drive of your computer and stay there unless you delete the cookie. Persistent cookies store information on your computer for a number of reasons, such as retrieving certain information you have previously provided, helping to determine what areas of the website you find most valuable, and customizing the website based on your preferences.

Different functions of Cookies

We have also identified different functions of cookies, as follows.

Necessary cookies

These cookies are needed for our website to work in a secure and correct way. Necessary cookies enable you to browse in our website and to provide the service you request. Necessary cookies make basic functions of the website possible, for example, identifying you when you log into My Arelion, detecting repeated failed login attempts, identifying where you are in the buying process and remembering the items put into your shopping basket. 

Analysis and Function cookies 

These cookies let us to enable some useful functionalities to make the user experience better, for example, to remember your login details and settings and provide support using live chat or give us information about how you use our website and allow us to improve the user experience.

Marketing cookies

These cookies help us and our preferred partners to display personalized and relevant ads based on your browsing behavior on our website, even when you later visit other (third parties’) websites. Cookies in this category are used to evaluate the effectiveness of our marketing campaigns, as well as for targeted marketing and profiling, regardless of which device(s) you have used. Information collected for this purpose may also be combined with other customer and traffic data we have about you, if you have given your consent that we may use your traffic data for marketing purpose and have not objected to the use of your customer data for marketing purposes. 

Local Storage

Local storage is a kind of database with key-value pairs that only resides in the web browser. Unlike cookies, data stored here is not sent to the server automatically. It will exist until you clear your browser cache. Local storage is used in the Customer Service Portal as an alternative to cookies to store information about certain selections/preferences so that they can be remembered until your next visit.

Third Party Cookies

There are first-party cookies which are set directly by Arelion and this website you are visiting. There are also third-party cookies which are set by someone other than the person responsible for the website, in this case, by someone other than Arelion, for example, by our partners and other domain owners. This happens when our website incorporates elements from other domains, such as images, social media plugins or advertising.

How to control use of cookies

  • Cookies settings on our website

We save your cookies choices for 12 months unless you withdraw your consent. Then we will ask your consent again. If you do not accept our use of cookies, or if you have previously accepted and have changed your mind, you can return to your cookies settings at any time and make or change your choice. You can change your cookies preferences in Cookies settings by clicking on the “Cookies” widget on the bottom left of the page. You can then select or unselect the relevant cookie category by enable or disable the sliders, then clicking “Allow”. You may need to refresh your webpage for your settings to take effect. You may also need to change your browser settings and manually delete cookies to clear your device from previously placed cookies.

  • Browser settings

Alternatively, most web browsers allow control of most cookies through the browser settings. To find information how to control cookies in your browser, visit the browser developer's website. Find out how to manage cookies on most popular browsers:


When you enable “do not track” feature

If you have chosen to enable the “do not track” feature in your browser settings, we will not automatically set marketing cookies on your device. You can make other choice in Cookies settings by clicking on the “Cookies” widget on the left bottom side of the page.

If you block cookies

If you disable all cookies in your browser settings, the functionality and performance of our website may be impaired as certain features are dependent on cookies. Blocking cookies can therefore cause the website’s services to not work properly and some essential functionality may not work.

More information 

Arelion takes your privacy seriously. You are always welcome to contact us at dpo@arelion.com if you have any questions or concerns.

Our Cookie policy might be subject to changes in the future.

You can find our Cookie table below.