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EP37: Network science
- part I

Albert-László Barabási is a network scientist at Northeastern University, and holds an appointment in the Department of Medicine at Harvard Medical School. Barabási’s research covers all sorts of networks and he is the author of several books. In this episode, he and Mattias Fridström discuss:

  • The similarity between different networks – neurological, social, Internet and more
  • The robustness of Internet
  • How Barabási and his research teams are using maps – from brain to Internet maps
  • The idea of universality in networks dynamics
  • How Barabási is visualising his research of networks through art
  • His best-selling book ”Linked” that focuses on the study of networks
Mattias Fridström
Mattias Fridström
There’s a certain kind of person who gets a little bit too excited about networks. Mattias is that guy. If he had a tattoo, it would be of a network. Mattias holds an MSc in Electrical Engineering from the University of Wollongong, Australia. He joined Telia in 1996 and has worked in a number of senior roles at Telia Carrier (now Arelion), most recently as CTO. Since July 2016 he has been Arelion's Chief Evangelist. Mattias’ passion isn’t limited to networks: He has played golf professionally and competed on a high level in both football and floor hockey.
Albert-László Barabási
Albert-László Barabási
Network scientist at Northeastern University

Albert-László Barabási is a network scientist, fascinated with a wide range of topics, from unveiling the structure of the brain to treating diseases using network medicine, from the emergence of success in art to how does science really works. His work has helped unveil the hidden order behind various complex systems using the quantitative tools of network science, a research field that he pioneered, and lead to the discovery of scale-free networks, helping explain the emergence of many natural, technological and social networks.


Albert-László Barabási spends most of his time in Boston, where is the Robert Gray Dodge Professor of Network Science at Northeastern University, and holds an appointment in the Department of Medicine at Harvard Medical School. But he splits his time with Budapest, where he runs an European Research Council project at Central European University. A Hungarian born native of Transylvania, Romania, he received his Masters in Theoretical Physics at the Eötvös University in Budapest, Hungary and Ph.D. three years later at Boston University.

Barabási’s latest book is The Formula (Little Brown, 2018). He is the author of "Network Science" (Cambridge, 2016). "Linked" (Penguin, 2002), and "Bursts:" (Dutton, 2010) He co-edited Network Medicine (Harvard, 2017) and "The Structure and Dynamics of Networks" (Princeton, 2005). His books have been translated into over twenty languages.

Learn more about Barabási’s work here: https://barabasi.com/

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