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Environmental Impact

The earth's resources are limited, and environmentally sustainable networks are only possible with lower energy consumption and increased circularity.

Sustainability is a key driver in the way we operate, improve, and grow our network at Arelion. The only way (...) we can prepare and design the future of our company and our network is by defining how it will be part of our common sustainable future.
Xavier Lombard, Head of Infra - Networks & Customer Service
I’m proud to drive Arelion’s vision of connecting a sustainable future to the benefit of everyday people.
Malin Clarstedt, Group Sustainability and Quality Manager

Carbon commitments

The way to reach our targets is through fossil-free and renewable energy, energy-efficient solutions, circularity and the latest technology. We want to enable world-leading connectivity without a negative impact on the climate.  

Lifecycle management

We need the latest and greatest technology in our solutions to enable a reduced environmental impact. We want to avoid operational waste as much as possible and therefore we are constantly working to improve our lifecycle management process. Today we can resell or internally reuse 35% of equipment that we remove from our installations. 

Efficiency program and how to reduce our energy consumption

Technology is continuously developing. As a world leader in global connectivity and with new technology, we can maximize capacity while minimizing energy consumption. Arelion works closely with key partners to continuously replace older equipment with something that is more environmentally smart.  

By actively pursuing energy efficiency programs, we avoid future emissions, already today.  

Partner strategy 

Arelion is dependent on excellent partnerships and supplier relationships to deliver green and efficient network solutions. It is therefore important for us that our partners and suppliers are as passionate as we are about environmentally smart solutions and a sustainable future.

As part of our Scope 3 emissions, we aim to ensure our strategic partners and suppliers are aligned with our targets and ambitions.


Arelion take responsibility for people’s wellbeing, our planet and sustainable business. Our sustainability agenda is a natural part of Arelion overall strategy. Read more about connecting a sustainable future.

Sustainable development goal #13

Take urgent action to combat climate change and its impact.

Sustainable development goal #12

Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns.