With offices in 40 locations across the world, Business Sweden is a global organization in need of a fast and flexible IT-environment. Telia will accommodate Business Sweden's IT needs by delivering a new and unique hybrid-WAN solution with shorter response times and a better user experience - all made possible through the world’s number one ranked internet backbone.

More and more companies embrace cloud services, but implementation can be time consuming. Telia’s Hybrid-WAN solution allows companies and organizations to rapidly scale capacity between customer cloud services and applications, regardless of location.

Another challenge for global organizations is that cloud services can be slow since internet access is provided through a centrally located server. With Telia’s solution, traffic is routed directly to the internet through Telia Carrier’s global IP backbone and doesn’t have to be travel via a central server. This allows for shorter response times and a better user experience.

“It’s vital and business critical for us as a global organization to have a fast and well-functioning IT environment, regardless of whether we use our customer-located applications or cloud services across different countries and locations. Telia’s solution works as well in Manila as it does at our head office in Stockholm, suiting our needs like hand-in-glove,” says Björn Wide, Head of IT and security, Business Sweden.

About Telia Carrier
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About Business Sweden 
Business Sweden is jointly owned by the Swedish Government and Swedish industry. This unique position gives us access to networks that span all levels, including private and Governmental owned businesses.

We share a passion for making a difference and are committed to excellence every step of the way. Acting as an independent partner and trustworthy facilitator, our ambition is to advise, support and deliver – all the way to the finishing line.