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The Telia Carrier Online Summit 2020:
Networking the New Normal

2020 has been quite a year. The unprecedented impact of Covid-19 on modern society has made clearer than ever the importance of connectivity, and the vital role the Internet plays in our daily lives - especially for enterprises.

But the new normal we are all experiencing is only the start of a bigger, enduring shift. In the years to come, our reliance on connectivity services will only increase, and a stable Internet infrastructure will be critical for businesses and societies alike. With this in mind, a successful WAN strategy is of the utmost importance for businesses looking to stay relevant.

In our Connectivity Summit you'll learn everything you need to know about Internet connectivity, from three different perspectives, and discover unique network insights to help you connect your future and ensure the continued success of your business.

The world changed in 2020 – but did the Internet?

Tune in to an exclusive interview with Telia Carrier’s CEO Staffan Göjeryd, as he and Dr. Ray Mota from ACG Research discusses what 2020 has meant for the carrier community. Staffan will share his proudest moment from a challenging year and talk about what lies ahead for the Internet backbone. 

Redefining connectivity for the 2020s

We all talk about the ‘new normal’ – but was there ever a ‘normal’ in the first place? Join our Chief Evangelist and “Best Individual of the Year” (2020 Network Transformation Awards), Mattias Fridström, one of the carrier industry’s most well-known and respected knowledge leaders, as he guides us through the trends, learnings and shares some direct customer feedback from 2020 – the year that made us all turn to the Internet like never before.

Why a hybrid network is the best option for your enterprise WAN

This hands-on session is a buyer’s guide offering hands-on advice directly from the experts.  You will leave the session with new thoughts and ideas about:

  • What to keep in mind when evaluating Internet service providers (ISPs)
  • The key features to include in your future network ecosystem
  • A range of important concepts, such as RPKI, DDoS, SD-WAN, and more