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Webinar -
Future proof your SD-WAN

Turn into this 45-minute session filled with expert insights and some tips & tricks on what to keep in mind when embarking on your SD-WAN transformation. 

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Key topics covered in the webinar:
•    Market outlook – what are the key trends?
•    Case study of an SD-WAN implementation of a Fortune 500 company
•    When it’s time to transition to SD-WAN
•    How to ensure a successful digital transformation 
•    Transitioning to cloud – things to keep in mind 

The webinar will be moderated by Dr. Ray Mota, CEO and Principal Analyst at ACG Research. He will be joined by Bernd Hoogkamp, Product Management at Telia Carrier.

Ray Mota
Ray Mota
CEO and Principal Analyst, ACG Research
Dr. Ray Mota brings a talent for complex technical and critical thinking and provides strategic direction, sharp analysis, and expert advice on networking issues, specializing in design, implementation, and troubleshooting. Prior to founding ACG Research, Dr. Mota worked for Aberdeen Group, ManageAll, Micros-To-Mainframes, Advanced Technology Group, Eastman Kodak, and the IRS. As a CTO, he designed, implemented, and supported complex trading floor systems and large WAN Frame Relay and ATM networks. (...)
He also provided training on Sniffer, HP Advisor protocol analysis tools, and MPLS architectures. Ray has also developed cloud applications and has a software patent attributed to him. Routinely called upon to speak as a guest lecturer throughout the country, Ray is recognized as an expert in topics relating to networks, managed services, cloud computing, operational efficiency, and business modelling. He has been the keynote speaker for the top cloud, channel, Wall Street, telecom event around the world. His insightful commentaries and analyses have been published in The Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, Bloomberg, Telecom Magazine, MSNBC, CNN Money, Forbes, Fortune, Businessweek, NY Times, SF Chronicle, and other industry publications.
Bernd Hoogkamp
Bernd Hoogkamp
Product Management, Telia Carrier
Bernd Hoogkamp has been working at Telia Carrier since 2005 in roles spanning from Sales and Strategy to Products. In his current role as Manager Products, Bernd is responsible for the in-life management and product development of all the company’s products. (...)
Bernd is passionate about the role that connectivity plays in our lives, and his main goal is to make the purchase of any of his B2B products as easy as any online shopping experience. Bernd is based in Amsterdam, Netherlands, and spends most of his weekends at the football pitch with his three sons.

Why Arelion's SD-WAN service?

SD-WAN accelerates operational processes, like deploying, modifying, or disconnecting network services. Our SD-WAN service is optimized for cloud-scale networking, for both the Overlay and the Underlay - enabling a stable and scalable solution.

7 recomendations for a succesful SD-WAN strategy

The keys to a well-defined SD-Wan roll-out. In this white paper we explore: - The importance of the underlay network in an SD-WAN solution - Last mile considerations - DIY vs. fully-managed SD-WAN solutions - The evaluation of prospective suppliers - Commercial flexibility and increased automation