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A network for zero downtime banking

Discover how we helped a global bank elevate its operations in Europe and the US with an integrated global connectivity solution that delivers smart, predictable performance – and the granular visibility and centralized control it needs.

The challenge

Consolidating enterprise - wide services for predictable performance

This global bank offers a wide range of financial services that includes retail and corporate banking as well as asset management, stock trading and treasury services. Operating in 20 countries worldwide, optimizing its network for zero downtime and low latency is a business critical and vital endeavor. But this was proving a time-consuming and difficult challenge for the bank’s central IT team.

Working with multiple local, national and regional suppliers – all providing services with different characteristics, standards and capabilities – meant it was no easy task to maintain the highest levels of performance and management needed across the entire infrastructure

To transform its operations, the bank turned to Arelion to provide a streamlined global solution that would deliver the bandwidth, connectivity and predictability it needed – along with the freedom to control and route traffic according to its own protocols.

The solution

Customized local and global services that deliver at scale

With multiple data centers (DCs) and a cloud production environment, bullet-proof connectivity and low-latency traffic forwarding is a mission critical must-have for the bank. Quite simply, all its systems and applications need to operate seamlessly together, with minimal risk and straight-through processing.

Connecting the bank’s HQ, DCs and disaster recovery sites in all its home markets, Arelion's high-capacity fiber backbone core solution features metro-optical fiber links for connectivity to local DCs.

Delivering the strict separation of geographically diverse networks needed to assure the high reliability and availability the bank needs, the solution incorporates Arelion’s 100G-enabled wavelength services which deliver the L2/L3 protocol transparency requirements the bank needs to manage protocols such as CDP, Mac-Sec and MTU jumbo frames.

Internationally, Arelion provides the bank with high capacity Layer 2 links that connect its international sites in a point-to-multi-point topology that links dual main sites with DC and disaster recovery sites in each country the bank operates in. This approach enables the bank to create and control its own routing principles through Arelion's protected MPLS backbone.

A dedicated IP connection to Microsoft Azure provides the bank with the controlled, scalable and flexible private network connectivity it needs to its cloud services.


A streamlined solution that simplifies real-time operations

The single streamlined solution now ensures the bank’s operations in all geographic regions enjoy unfettered availability to consistent services, backed by a unified and integrated architecture that’s designed for synchronizing, routing and transacting in real-time.

Working with a single partner that acts as a one-stop shop for global connectivity, delivered via a single co-terminus agreement with standardized SLAs, has resulted in smoother global operations and increased efficiencies for the bank.

Able to assess the latency sensitivities of all applications transported across its global business regions, the bank is now free to route traffic on its own terms across the Arelion backbone. By utilizing carefully defined protocols to minimize variables and eliminate delays, the bank can now assure the low-latency connectivity needed to support its services, systems and applications around the globe.

Providing expert assistance and support to help guide, enable and mitigate business risk, Arelion has become the bank’s trusted advisor on all things related to global connectivity.

Arelion - solution snapshot

Core Network

  • Wavelength Services (EoDWDM)
  • Metro optical fibre connections
  • Cloud Connect

International Network

  • Ethernet Virtual Private Line (Advanced EVPL) dedicated interfaces provide point-to-multipoint connectivity that ensures high availability and low latency
  • Managed Ethernet NIDs (network interface devices) for seamless end-to-end SLA performance and monitoring
  • Multiple Products Over One Port delivers inherent scalability for additional services on existing infrastructure to further increase cost-efficiencies
  • Metro optical fibre connections
  • Managed IP VPN (layer 3) to the bank’s branch offices in their home market